Milkcow Ice Cream Parlour, Melbourne

Eat, Melbourne / 7 February 2017

Milkcow ice cream is full of that good stuff

Established in South Korea and now in 12 countries, Milkcow is not your average ice cream parlour. With carefully crafted ice cream delights which can be tailored to your liking, you’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to icy sweet treats. 
The Santorini, one of their most visually tantalising desserts, tastes as good as it looks. First work your way down from the white fairy floss umbrella, which is supported by a scrumptious chocolate wafer stick. Then enjoy a creamy vanilla ice cream with a delicious topping comprising sprinkles of pistachio and hazelnuts, and a generous drizzle of tropical blue syrup. As you reach the bottom, you’ll discover the Oreo cookie crumb that will leave you in sugar nirvana.
Caramel lovers must try the Caramel Pop. A dessert that’s full of crunchy, buttery double glazed caramel popcorn with caramel syrup. Each morsel of popcorn will leave your tastebuds dancing in a caramel trance and craving the next bite.
Milkcow’s signature item, the Milky Cube, consists of soft serve ice cream with 100% natural honey swirl accentuated by a flourish of organic honeycomb wedge.
The rest of the menu is just as delicious. Look out for lashings of macarons, espresso balls, chocolate scorched almonds and waffles. Complemented with premium organic soft ice cream, Milkcow is an exquisite treat. Priced from $5-9, these tasty ice cream conglomerates are well worth it.
If you feel like getting creative, you can add extra toppings to customize your ice cream masterpiece just the way you like. Who says there’s anything wrong with mixing Oreos and jellybeans? 
With your cool, creamy creation in hand, take a seat and enjoy your well-earned treat. The fit-out is chic and sleek. Imagine the coolness of white walls, sandy wood tables and gold trimmings. And you won’t ignore the fluorescent “full of the good stuff” sign on the wall, which exemplifies what Milkcow is all about.
If you’re not an ice cream aficionado, Milkcow also serve up Fairy Floss for $3 a pop, organic coffee, organic tea and milkshakes.
The Milkcow store is conveniently located on Swanston Street in Melbourne making it the perfect spot to pop into and grab a cool treat on a hot summer’s day. 
Can’t get enough? Keep your eyes peeled for the soon-to-be opened Collins Street store.
287 Swanston Street, Melbourne
Open: Mon-Sun 1pm-late