Melbourne’s Top Chefs Ignite Piccolina’s Gelato Series

Cool Sh*t, Eat, Melbourne / 28 June 2023

For the third consecutive year, Piccolina, a gem in Melbourne’s ice cream arena, is once more dishing out an exquisite dessert delight for the city’s sweet-toothed populace.

The much-anticipated Piccolina Gelato Project is back in action, offering a unique fusion of artistry, innovation, and an array of mouth-watering flavours.

This year, the project is slated to commence on Wednesday, June 21 and wrap up on Tuesday, August 15. Throughout this time, all seven Piccolina outlets will feature a constantly changing menu of 24 limited edition flavours. These unique flavours are the fruit of a partnership between Piccolina and eight of Melbourne’s most inventive culinary masters, who have been granted carte blanche to devise three exceptional gelato concepts.

The roster of chefs involved is as varied as Melbourne’s gastronomic landscape, each bringing their personal flair and culinary philosophy to the forefront. The outcome? A worldwide flavour odyssey that promises to enthrall even the most well-travelled food lovers.

Among the culinary talents taking part in the project are Ross Magnaye from Serai, Nornie Bero from Mabu Mabu, Charley Snadden-Wilson from Clover Wine, Ella Mittas, Nagesh Seethian from Manzé, Ellie Bouhadana from Hope St Radio, Coskun Uysal from Tulum, and Brigitte Hafner from Tedesca Osteria.

Each chef has been given total creative freedom to provide a thrilling, unrestrained experience for Piccolina’s patrons. For example, Coskun Uysal of Tulum is enticing customers to step out of their comfort zones with unconventional pairings such as a Turkish chicken and milk pudding reminiscent of a classic Ottoman Empire dessert and a melon Raki sorbet coupled with feta cheese and mint oil.

Nornie Bero of Mabu Mabu is spotlighting native Australian ingredients such as wattleseed, peppermint gum, rosella, and quandong in her concoctions. She aims to emphasise the wealth of local Australian produce and inspire patrons to incorporate these unique and thrilling ingredients in their home cooking.

Brigitte Hafner from Tedesca Osteria, winner of Gourmet Traveller’s 2022 Restaurant of the Year, is introducing a fusion of intriguing yet comforting flavours influenced by her sojourns in Italy, Sri Lanka, and Jerusalem. One of her remarkable creations is a smooth Sicilian-inspired ricotta and goat milk gelato, complemented by a tangy candied mandarin and lemon verbena sorbet.

Ross Magnaye from Serai is the project’s opening act, drawing from his Filipino roots for inspiration. One of his specialty creations is the ‘Halo Halo,’ a beloved Filipino dessert known for its myriad of tastes and textures. His interpretation of the dessert includes a tropical dragon fruit sorbet and a creamy Ube gelato, served layered with jackfruit, banana, and red mung beans, finished with a drizzle of sweetened condensed milk, a sprinkle of frosted flakes, and a crispy wafer cigar.

Sandra Foti, Piccolina’s founder, is a fervent champion for nurturing local talent. She views the project as a direct reflection of Piccolina’s core brand principles of innovation, authenticity, and creativity. She is overjoyed with the contributions from the chefs and believes they have truly elevated the project.

In this installment, Piccolina has selected to collaborate with creative studio Banalarama on a diverse campaign that applauds the vision and creativity of the eight participating chefs. The campaign, labelled “Gelato. After Piccolina”: A Lavish and Curious Exploration into the Realm of Gelato, draws inspiration from Fellini’s movie Roma.

Therefore, if you find yourself in Melbourne seeking an exciting activity, why not embark on a gastronomic adventure with Piccolina’s Gelato Project? It’s a golden opportunity to experience some truly unique gelato masterpieces, each embodying the creativity and culinary excellence of Melbourne’s finest chefs.