Carlton’s Rooftop Revolution: Johnny’s Green Room Unveils Its Chic Transformation

Eat, Melbourne, Play, Restaurants / 22 January 2024

In the vibrant heart of Carlton, a rooftop renaissance is unfolding with the grand reopening of Johnny’s Green Room. This iconic venue, a staple of Melbourne’s rooftop scene, has undergone a transformative makeover, seamlessly blending contemporary elegance with classic Italian charm. As the doors reopen, Johnny’s Green Room beckons locals and visitors alike to its stylishly revamped space, promising an experience that transcends the typical rooftop bar offerings.

EAT: Celebrity Chef Karen Martini’s Mediterranean Innovation

Chef Karen Martini leads the kitchen with a flair for Mediterranean cuisine, adding a touch of Carlton’s eclectic taste. The menu features shareable delights such as zucchine fritte and a range of pizzas. In collaboration, Lisa Valmorbida’s gelato soft-serves provide a sweet end to the meal, showcasing innovative culinary artistry.

DRINK: A Journey Through Italy’s Finest Beverages

The revamped drinks menu, curated by cocktail maestro Matt Bax, offers an array of Italian classics. Highlights like the Limoncello Margarita embody Italy’s rich beverage culture. George McCullough’s expertly selected wine list complements the Italian theme, featuring a mix of textural whites and elegant reds.

PLAY: An All-Season Rooftop Experience

With its new semi-retractable roof, the venue adapts to Melbourne’s ever-changing weather, ensuring year-round enjoyment. The collaboration with Hope St Radio introduces a sophisticated music lineup, elevating the rooftop’s ambience. Mickey Levis’ advanced sound system enriches the sensory experience, blending seamlessly with the venue’s stylish vibe.

A New Era for Melbourne’s Rooftop Scene

As Johnny’s Green Room unveils its new chapter, it stands as a testament to Carlton’s evolving social and culinary landscape. The revamp not only honours the venue’s heritage but also introduces a modern twist, making it a magnet for those seeking an elevated rooftop experience. With its blend of fine dining, artisanal beverages, and ambient music, Johnny’s Green Room is poised to become Carlton’s premier rooftop destination, offering a unique escape from the urban hustle.