Henrietta Has Arrived: A Chic New Chicken Shop

Eat, Melbourne / 12 July 2023

Melbourne is known for its thriving food scene, each district studded with its unique take on global cuisine.

Joining this bustling atmosphere is the acclaimed Henrietta, a unique dining concept that promises a blend of Middle Eastern tradition with a modern Aussie flair, right in the heart of Windsor’s lively Chapel Street.

Part of the illustrious ESCA Group, Henrietta’s opening marks a milestone for the company, their first interstate venture all set to charm the discerning Melbournites. Now, it’s not every day that the city’s dynamic food scene meets an offering quite like this, where the classic simplicity of charcoal-grilled chicken is presented with a touch of elegance and an abundance of flavour.

Nestled within the heart of Chapel Street, Henrietta’s chic 80-seater venue is sure to catch the eye. Crafted by the renowned Melbourne architects, Russel and George, the design captures an abstract take on traditional Lebanese landscapes, weaving in an atmosphere of both modernity and tradition. Imagine dining under an azure sky as the sunset washes the space in shades of golden orange, creating an alluring ambience.

If it’s the food that gets your heart racing, Henrietta’s menu promises a delectable adventure. At the centre of this delicious journey, the humble chicken takes on a new avatar, infused with the smoky flavour of charcoal and a cascade of aromatic spices. Of course, it’s not all about the chicken. There’s a variety of mouth-watering vegetarian dishes that pack in an exciting punch, topped with house condiments that hint at their Middle Eastern origin.

Perhaps what truly sets Henrietta apart is their ingenious use of fire, a core component that breathes life into each dish, be it cauliflower, octopus, or their famous hummus. It’s Middle Eastern done differently, with a touch of Australia, and the result is an irresistible burst of flavour in every bite.

To complement the food, there’s a specially curated drinks menu. Featuring a mix of Australian wines and signature cocktails, the selection aims to strike a balance between fun, sophistication and a hint of Middle Eastern flair. And for those looking to indulge a bit more, Henrietta offers a banquet, with options starting from $68pp, featuring an array of dishes from hummus to falafel, charcoal chicken and delectable salads.

Melbourne is about to experience a new wave of dining, where a touch of the Middle East meets a splash of Aussie charm. Henrietta’s opening on Chapel Street is not just about a new restaurant, it’s about a fresh experience that promises to warm your palate and your heart. Mark your calendars for July 7th and prepare for a dining experience that’s truly unique. For more information, head to www.henriettachicken.com.