Meet Hawk Store, The Online Marketplace Tackling Food Waste In Melbourne

Eat, Melbourne / 20 November 2020

Fighting food waste one plate at a time.

There are over 4,000 restaurants, cafes, and food providers in Melbourne. Each has a chain of growers, producers, and suppliers that help them do what they do best: feed the people of Melbourne. Unfortunately, food waste is a big issue for the entire industry. So, this new digital marketplace is here to change just that.

Meet Hawk Store, the new digital marketplace helping to connect producers and sellers with buyers across Melbourne. Launched in October 2020 by founder Natalie Sarau, the platform hopes to cut unnecessary food waste by giving sellers a platform to sell their excess stock. Plus, restaurants, caterers, and even home chefs can browse and buy this stock at reduced costs, rather than it going to waste. Talk about a win-win!

So how does it work? Sellers can join for free (with no joining fees or monthly costs) and list as many products as they’d like to sell online. Once someone purchases their product, they’ll receive payment in real-time (to help suppliers with all-important cashflow).

For buyers, there’s no signup, credit application, or ongoing commitment required. Simply head online to the digital marketplace and start browsing and buying quality foods at a discounted price. Plus with multiple suppliers in one place, it makes order stock easier than ever before.

Currently, Hawk Store is operating as a web platform (with aims to expand to an app as well as launch a national offering). To find out more about Hawk Store, click here.