New Vegetarian Pub The Green Man's Arms, Carlton

Eat, Melbourne, Pubs, Restaurants / 5 December 2017

New veg-based pub The Green Man’s Arms is killing it (Humanely, one falafel at a time).

You know a place has its finger on the city’s pulse when they’ve got Bucha of Byron on tap. Even better when they couple it up with some cheeky Aperol to make a Kombucha Spritz. It’s not only inspired, it’s topped my list for the drink of the summer. In short, The Green Man’s Arms has landed in Carlton with a self-assured panache, ready to embrace us all in a nourishing leafy hug.
The Green Man's Arms
With a fully vegetarian menu and vegan options a’plenty, it’s hardly surprising the longterm plan is to run the restaurant off an on-site veggie patch. Vegetables are the stars of the show, from the beet salad with a pomegranate dressing to the delicately picked carrots accompanying the falafel and tahini in fresh pan-baked flatbreads. Chef David Raziel’s menu is flavourful and fantastic. The Israeli inspirations are carefully curated into a full and satisfying menu which sits in perfect synchrony with the surroundings; something new and bold.
Inside it is a suave combination of Wes Anderson-esque vintage colour medleys and your Grandad’s potting shed. It is at once homely and fancy; the kind of place where you would like to become a local. The kind of place where you’d have your chosen favourite dish but always arrive and dine with a big group of friends so that you can steal some of their food too.
The Green Man's Arms
If you had any doubts of the dedication of the team at The Green Man’s Arm’s know this: they hand make their own couscous. It is the fluffiest of the fluffy. My friend exclaimed that the last time he’d come across something so soft was when he was skiing in it. Needless to say, we’ve been talking of their menu all week. That halva ice-cream. Oh, that Jerusalem bagel with the house-made labne! The shot sized espresso martini…
The Green Man's Arms
This is the fifth opening for husband and wife duo, Whyte and Whitlock. It’s obvious in how easily and gracefully they’ve ensured The Green Man’s Arms will be a success. With bingo, live music and many other delights to come,  it’s not only the food that will prove be filling the green tinged interior, let’s hope they take bookings!
The Green Man’s Arms
418 Lygon Street
Carlton, Melbourne