Gin & Jazz Afternoon Aperitivo at Hilton’s Luci

Drink, Eat, Melbourne / 22 November 2023

Luci restaurant is spicing up the summer with a new Gin & Jazz Afternoon Aperitivo alongside a fresh focaccia lunch menu. Meanwhile, The Douglas Club tempts evening revelers with exotic gin cocktails and nibbles.

Gin & Jazz

EAT: Focaccia Fare

Luci’s new lunch menu features handmade focaccias stuffed with scrumptious fillings like miso eggplant, lemon chicken, and Mumma’s iconic meatballs. Served rapido-style from 12-3PM on Thursdays and Fridays, these sandwiches pack big flavours into an easy mid-day dining option for $24. Pair your sarnie with a glass of local wine or beer for a quintessential Melbourne lunch break.

DRINK: G&Ts with All the Trimmings

Luci’s Gin & Jazz Afternoon Aperitivo from 3-6PM lets you sip specialist gin cocktails from German distiller Monkey 47. With live jazz setting the mood on Thursdays, unwind into the weekend with tipples like the herbaceous Elements and fruity Spring Spritz. Gin-laced bites such as scallops with pineapple carpaccio and caviar with white chocolate offer the perfect pairings.

The Douglas Club also joins the gin party, shaking & stirring Monkey 47 cocktails like the Rafiki with sake and ginger. Pull up to the bar for negronis, sours and more from the Petits or Larger menus. And for true gin fanatics, the exclusive Monkey 47 Distiller’s Cut 2020 Schwarzwald Dry Gin provides a special limited-edition treat.

PLAY: Opulent Interiors

Sip amongst the glamorous 1930’s interiors of the historic Equity Chambers Building. With lush décor and sultry lighting, Luci and The Douglas Club offer intimate venues for an indulgent escape from everyday life.

So whether you’re after an easy weekday lunch or a sophisticated evening out, Hilton Melbourne’s latest openings have something special in store. Just leave room for a gin & tonic – or three!