Furniture making for beginners

Melbourne, Play / 21 July 2016

Hands on furniture making workshops at Splinter & Callous

Moved into a new place and need some furniture? Sat behind a desk all day and feeling restless to create and make something tangible? For Sheldon Walters, co-founder of Splinter & Callous it was the latter – a calling for furniture making that inspired this series of beginner-friendly workshops.
Unable to find a place that taught skills in both wood and metal work and the flexibility to do it at a time, place and pace that fitted into his life, Sheldon and his business partner Mike Simpson did something about it.
There is no long or short term commitment at Splinter & Callous, which offers one-off half and full day workshops where you learn how to create something with your own hands that you can proudly take home after one session.
Furniture making in progress
The warehouse in Fairfield is a place to learn skills from master craftsmen, build things and connect with people across the workbench. The entire workshop is hands-on including operating electronic machinery – with the appropriate safety gear of course – to patiently hand chiselling and sanding to perfection (or in my case good-enough-for-a-first-go).
In just a few hours I had not only used power saws, drills and hand chisels for the first time, I had successfully made my very own bench. And now I’m hooked!
The ‘build your own bench’ half day workshop costs $125 which includes all mentoring and materials. Class sizes are small so you get one-on-one attention and the satisfaction from knowing that your blood, sweat and tears –  just sweat in this case – have created a tangible item is priceless.
Other furniture making and ‘build your own’ courses from Splinter and Callous include: coat rack,  cheese board and knife, bed side table, bike stand, bbq, drinks caddy, plant stand, coffee table, and bookshelf.
Splinter & Callous have just successfully completed a crowd funding Pozible campaign to help them expand the business and move into a bigger space when their Fairfield lease runs out at the end of June.
With the ambition to inspire everyday people to learn a hand-made craft, develop an appreciation for good design, provide employment for skilled older craftsmen and invigorate the next generation of makers, this new space is one to watch!
Splinter & Callous
160 Perry Street
Fairfield 3078 Victoria
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