Cork & Chroma, Collingwood

Cool Sh*t, Drink, Film & Art, Melbourne, Play / 24 October 2017

Discover your inner artist with tipsy painting at Cork & Chroma

Even if you haven’t picked up a paintbrush since year four, a session at Cork & Chroma is definitely the art class for you. Why? Well, it’s an art class, but with booze. Say no more, I’m sold!
The trend took off in the USA and has now finally made its way to Australia with Cork & Chroma launching a BYO paint-and-sip studio in Sydney followed by a second studio in Melbourne. The concept is easy: you drink wine (or whatever tipple you fancy that night) while an instructor shows you how to paint a set image on canvas. A couple of hours later and you’ve uncovered your Picassoesque dexterity, bringing home your masterpiece to hang above the mantle.
Cork & Chroma Melbourne
Got artist’s block? Throw it out the window! Once you’ve uncorked that bottle of wine and savoured those first sips of sweet Rose, the creative energy starts flowing like it’s Woodstock 1969. A Cork & Chroma instructor will walk you through the painting process step by step. And throughout the lesson, an upbeat playlist is on repeat. Just don’t forget to keep on painting when the urge to dance hits – in my case, by my second glass of wine. 
Cork & Chroma Smith Street
Although your instructor is guiding the process, you’re very much encouraged to add your own flair to the canvas.
You bring the wine and Cork & Chroma provides the glasses. They’ve even got a fridge on hand so you can keep the bottles cold throughout the night. You can further fuel your artistic flair with a selection of cheese boards available for purchase, from the local wine & cheese bar Smithward.
Sessions last from two and a half to three hours. Head over to Cork & Chroma’s website to reserve your spot. Bookings are essential. 
Looking to pick up a bottle of your favourite wine on the way there? Blackheart & Sparrows have a store nearby at 123 Smith Street to select a bottle of something delicious and boozy to take with you.
Cork & Chroma
36 Smith Street, Collingwood
Wed – Sat 7pm – 10pm,
Sun 2pm – 5pm