Chur Burger and Hoyts Join Forces In Chadstone

Melbourne, Play / 26 April 2017

A burger and a movie just got the Chur Burger treatment at Hoyts Chadstone.

Going for a burger and a movie is the ultimate old school date. You get to sit next to your date at hand-holding distance, the movie gives you something to chat about after and let’s face it, everyone loves a burger (and if your date doesn’t, you might want to rethink this!). Now Chur Burger brings its A-Game to Hoyts Chadstone with a burger and ‘dogs menu that’s as fresh and exciting as a blossoming new relationship.
Chur Burger Chadstone
The much loved Sydney burger chain has received wide recognition as being one of the best burger joints in Australia. The new partnership with Hoyts Chadstone means customers can now enjoy a gourmet burger and spiked milkshake while catching the latest films, relaxing in the awesome recliner chairs that’s available at every screen at Hoyts Chadstone.
One of the first stores to open in Melbourne, Chur Burger Chadstone is driven by Head Chef Warren Turnbull, who firmly believes in offering a great burger at a great price. Using fresh and tasty ingredients, every burger is cooked to order so it’s piping hot when you receive it, just as a burger should be.
Chur Burger at Chadstone
The menu at Chur ranges from the classic with grilled beef, cheese, tomato jam, mustard mayo and pickles to the meat-of-the-moment, pulled pork with Chur BBQ sauce, red slaw, fennel and mayo. We wrapped our teeth around the delicious spiced chickpea fritter with grated beetroot and honey labne and the crispy crumbed fish fillet which comes with pickled cucumber, a lovely hot jalapeño mayo and dill.
And because we couldn’t resist the idea of a hot dog we also shared a chilli dog; a smokey beef  sausage with a generous serving of chilli con carne, spicy pickles and cheese sauce drizzled on it. The chips with chilli salt were a winner as was the fresh and crunchy coleslaw which added a lightness to the meal.
 Hoyts Chadstone
Nicely full and ready for a lay down, we settled into our recliner seats, pushed the button and laid back for the full feet-up, blissed out cinematic experience. There may have been hand holding, but that would be telling…
Chur Burger + Hoyts Cinema
Chadstone Shopping Centre, 1341 Dandenong Rd, Malvern East