Champagne Festival, Windsor, Fitzroy & Northcote

Drink, Festivals, Melbourne / 22 November 2016
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Champagne Festival, Windsor, Fitzroy & Northcote

Drink, Festivals, Melbourne / 22 November 2016

Has there ever been something more worthy of celebrating with a champagne than a Champagne Festival?

This December raise your champers-filled flute in a toast to the bubbly stuff at any of Wine Republic’s three Melbourne venues where the Champagne Festival will be held over three days.
Forget the big brand names like Veuve and Moet & Chandon. This is a showcase of the best boutique and small-production growers from the Champagne region.
Sip on an Agrapart, which is upheld as one of the best Champagne houses in the world and is bottled in very small quantities.
Enjoy that unmistakable Champagne ‘pop’ as a bottle of Olivier Horiot is opened. The young winemaker from the renowned Horiot family is shaking things up in the industry with boundary-bending wines that mirror his cheeky personality.
Champagne Festival Wine Republic
Other names you’ll discover at the Champagne Festival include Paul Bara, Chartogne-Taillet and De Sousa.
Grown in vinyards originally cultivated by the Romans, the effervescent beverage we crack open whenever there’s a moment of celebration must meet strict guidelines in order to to be granted Champagne status. Namely the seven grape types – of which Pinot Noir and Chardonnay are the most widely used – and the region where it is made. To legally bare the ‘Champagne’ name, according to European law it must be bottled within 100 miles of this region which is in a corner of the northeast of France, a stones throw from Paris.
Look out for KoKo Black Chocolate treats from Melbourne’s award-winning chocolatier which have been selected to pair with your new favourite fizz.
Three day Champagne Festival

Wine Republic Windsor
Friday 9 December 6 – 8pm
118 Chapel St Windsor
Wine Republic Fitzroy
Saturday 10 December 2 – 5pm
265 Brunswick St Fitzroy
Wine Republic Northcote
Sunday 11 December 2 – 5 pm
226 High St Northcote
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