Celebrate International Coffee Day with a Free Off-World Coffee Experience in Melbourne

Drink, Melbourne / 20 September 2023

Minor Figures and Coffee Supreme Brew Up a Future-Themed Treat

International Coffee Day isn’t just another date on the calendar in Melbourne; it’s a reason to celebrate. This year, the buzz is about more than just caffeine. Two coffee powerhouses, Minor Figures and Coffee Supreme, are partnering to offer something extraordinary—a glimpse of coffee’s future.

Coffee Supreme

The Visionaries Behind the Campaign

Minor Figures is no stranger to innovation. Founded on a rooftop in 2014, this Melbourne-based brand has become a global icon for plant-based coffee products. Coffee Supreme, on the other hand, has been a specialty coffee roaster since the ’90s, known for adding a personal touch to each cup.

Their collaborative campaign focuses on what coffee could be like 100 years from now, blurring the lines between the present and the future.

Free Off-World Coffee on Launch Day

For the early birds who need to catch the worm, or rather, the coffee, here’s the deal: The first 100 people at Coffee Supreme’s Abbotsford café on launch day—September 30—get a free off-world coffee experience.

The Coffee That Takes You To Tomorrow

What’s an off-world coffee, you ask? It’s a layered drink served in a whisky glass, offering a multi-sensory experience. The base layer is a blend of Colombian espresso and tonic water. The middle layer adds a dash of sweetness with yuzu brown sugar syrup. The finishing touch is a fluffy layer of Minor Figures Barista Oat Milk foam.

Available for a Limited Time

Missed the freebie? Don’t fret. This cosmic brew is available for purchase until October 7. So you still have a week to catch a taste of the future.

Join the Global Conversation

This isn’t just a Melbourne special; the campaign is going global. Partner cafés in Tokyo and the USA will also be serving up their versions of the future, making it an international affair.

International Coffee Day