California Burgers, Windsor

Eat, Melbourne / 24 August 2017

California dreamin’ no more – get a taste of L.A right on Chapel Street as California Burgers serves up burgers fit for an A-lister.

You might recall this Chapel Street store as a souvlaki joint and you’d be right – in fact, their tasty souvas are still on the menu. But when owner Theo Tzavaras and his wife fell in love with the food scene of LA back in 2002, they knew that they had to bring their beloved California burgers home to Melbourne.
Made with California love, California Burgers feature juicy patties that are hand-smashed in store daily. Cooked to perfection and set atop fresh brioche buns from the bakery down the street, the burger menu covers a carefully thought out selection of toppings. Theo spent years getting it 100% right, eating burgers all over California in the name of research and commitment to his craft. It’s the details that count. For example, they wouldn’t be authentic Cali burgers without the housemade pink mayo and the crisp crunch of a raw ring of onion. Nice!
California Burgers, Windsor
The burgers are suitably-named after locations in California. You’ve got the L.A.X burger, which gives you double meat and double American cheese with the heavenly matched combo of lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles and pink mayo. Simple yet delicious. The key is in the patty – it’s perfectly seasoned and cooked just right. Crank up the heat a bit with the East LA burger if you prefer – jalapenos and the housemade vatos locos hot sauce make for a spicy treat. Speaking of treats, don’t forget these two words: Cheese Fries. No liquid cheese here – these are the real deal.
Don’t let the name of the venue discourage you from trying their other offerings – California is crazy for tacos and California Burgers serves those up too. The Vatos Locos soft tacos are zesty and full of flavour for a lighter option. There’s a lighter burger too – the Calabasas (home of the Kardashians) is a bunless burger that instead is wrapped in hand leafed lettuce.
Wash it all down with classic soda options like Coke and Pepsi that come in super cool glass bottles direct from California’s southern neighbour, Mexico. California Burgers also offers thirst quenchers that you won’t stumble upon elsewhere. Strawberry Fanta or Leninade, anyone?
California Burgers, Windsor
California Burgers is your ticket to an authentic LA cuisine experience. And if you eat in, don’t forget to take a happy snap under the Hollywood sign to Instagram.
California Burgers
42 Chapel Street Windsor
Tuesday-Thursday & Sunday: 5pm-2am
Friday & Saturday: 5pm-4am