Buza Chicken, Melbourne Central

Eat, Melbourne / 7 July 2021

With the launch of their vegetarian-friendly fried cauliflower bites, Korean fried chicken favourite Buza Chicken is embracing the plant-based palate and the Friday night crowds speak for themselves. 

Buza Chicken’s gloriously crunchy, customisable fried chicken has been a hot ticket item since its launch. With the option of boned or boneless and a variety of delicious sauce options, Buza has become the go-to for Melbourne’s Korean fried chicken lovers. And now non-meat eaters can get on board, with the launch of their crispy fried cauliflower bites.

With the same delicious, perfectly seasoned crunch you’ve come to expect from Buza’s fried chicken, the fried cauliflower bites have elevated the cruciferous cutie from a lifetime of being a humble side dish to becoming the main, outrageously morish, event. And, much like Buza’s chicken, your cauli-cuisine is customisable with options of soy smoke, original, sweet and spicy, and my favourite, snow cheese. Fried cauliflower with a healthy dusting of rich, umami cheese powder? Yes, please!

Love cauliflower, but still want the classic Buza chicken experience? You can get your hands of their delicious chicken boneless or bone-in in all the same delicious toppings. You’ll also find chicken dishes such as Onion chicken, Spring onion chicken, Galbi chicken, Snow chicken or Kanpung chicken on the menu. Whether you like it spicy or are looking for something a little milder, you’ll find the perfect combo in these options that still packs a punch of flavour. We love getting ours bone-in because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as wrapping sticky fingers around a delicious drumstick and digging in. That’s old school fried chicken comfort.

Buza Chicken

Speaking of comfort food, you’ll find plenty of Korean comforts on the menu at Buza Chicken. While their chicken has put them on Melbourne’s food map, they’re also serving up cosiness in a bowl with their Red Tteok Bok Ki, available in four spice levels and chock full of delicious rice cakes, fish cakes, egg, sausage and more. If you really want to nestle in this winter with the ultimate comfort food, hit up their Hot Pot Bibimbap and you won’t be disappointed.

When we visited, we tried out the fried cauliflower with snow cheese and it was an absolute winner! It was devoured by our omni and veg dining party alike. We also tried out fried chicken in soy smoke and original and were blown away by the flavour punch, and we also tried the loaded fries which were a luxurious saucy heaping of chips, beef, cheese, mayo, and a sweet and salty barbecue sauce. With such a rich and decadent spread of delicious food, the freshness of the shredded cabbage salad and tangy pickled radishes was the perfect refreshing complement.

Located inside Melbourne Central, Buza Chicken couldn’t be easier to get to for after-work beer and chicken (a timeless combo), a delicious pre-cinema dinner, or a pit stop to build your strength on a shopping marathon.

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