All about Burwood Brickworks, the ultimate eco-friendly shopping centre

Melbourne, Play / 4 February 2020

Set to become the world’s most sustainable retail space.

From urban parklands to a rooftop vegetable garden, Burwood Brickworks is Melbourne’s newest shopping centre with a goal to become the world’s most sustainable shopping space. Opening its doors in December 2019, the retail space is already home to big name shops and entertainment, such as Woolworths, Dan Murphy’s and Readings Cinema. The innovative and green design aims to connect guests to the environment, focusing on reducing our carbon footprint and being more mindful about the environment.

Burwood Brickworks’ ultimate vision alongside retailers is to deliver 700 new homes on the complex, an urban plaza, 2.5 hectares of open space and parklands, interconnected walkways, and a sustainable restaurant focusing on fresh produce from an urban rooftop farm. Greenery shrouds the exterior and interior of the centre, designed specifically to connect people to the environment. More than 500 new trees will be planted along the building, allowing Burwood Brickworks to achieve a 6 star green rating.

burwood brickworks

A staggering 20% of the 12,900 square metre space is solely dedicated to agriculture and food growing, completely compliant to the Living Building Challenge certification. All sustainable practices are considered, from how the shopping centre receive their electricity, to how dining retailers can ethically reduce food wastage. All electricity to Burwood Brickworks will be delivered via renewable sources, including solar production onsite. There will also be a closed loop technology for recycling wastewater, as well as mulching excess organic material for composting. The carpark attached to the shopping centre will also include 3 electric car charging points and a network of bike paths will also be built around the building in order to minimise carbon offset.

If that’s not conscious enough, residents and visitors are treated to free Live Life Get Active classes offered 5 days a week – these include boxing, cardio workouts and yoga sessions.

For a store directory and more information, visit Burwood Brickworks’ website here