Bars, Drink, Events, Melbourne / 7 September 2016

Australian creatives collaborate with Bombay Sapphire for a sensory cocktail and dining experience

Bombay Sapphire, Premium London Dry Gin has launched its ‘True Artistry’ collaboration project in Melbourne at Taxi Riverside, Federation Square. The creative project is Bombay Sapphire’s play to lead a renaissance in gin appreciation for the next generation of Australian food lovers.
The botanicals found in the gin are celebrated in a series of ten avant-garde creative and inspirational talent partnerships with Australian music, fragrance and culinary visionaries.
The third annual series of culinary events, held over 10 days at the Taxi Riverside, will feature sensory elements designed by the collaborators featuring flavours, scents, sounds and visuals.
Bombay Sapphire Project Botanicals at Taxi Riverside
This year’s collaborators include internationally renowned DJ duo Yolanda Be Cool who has complied a playlist called ‘Songs to Drink Gin To’. Listen to the Yolanda Be Cool x Bombay Sapphire on Spotify while sipping your favourite gin concoction at home.
The Project Botanicals event features intelligently mixed cocktails paired with food that complements the infusion of the botanicals. Melbourne master chef Tony Twitchett (head chef at Taxi Kitchen) has designed a menu for his restaurant based on the flavours of the noted botanicals.
Try the Coriander Fire Punch, a mix of Bombay Sapphire with lime juice, pineapple juice, chilli syrup, soda and coriander leaves. This is paired withcandy pork, which comes with coconut sambal and mild red chilli
For dessert the zokoko chocolate tart with caramelised milk jam looks like a delicious offering. It’s served with a Liquorice Tea Party cocktail of Bombay Sapphire, liquorice tea, almond milk, condensed milk and lemon curd.
Tickets are $49 for two dishes and two paired cocktails, and there is an opportunity to purchase more drinks and food on the day. There are two evening sittings Thursday – Saturday and three sittings during the day and evening on Sundays.

Project Botanicals
Taxi Riverside, Federation Square
Thur 8th September – Sun 18th September 2016