Bansho: A Symphony of French Grace and Japanese Craftsmanship

Eat, Melbourne, Restaurants / 13 March 2024

Tucked away on High Street in Armadale, Bansho is a revelation in the Melbourne dining scene, blending the finesse of French cuisine with the meticulous nature of Japanese traditions. This bistro not only promises an exceptional food journey but also a visual and atmospheric delight for all who visit.


EAT: A Menu That Blends Cultures

Chef Tomotaka Ishizuka has masterfully blended French elegance with Japanese precision. The menu dazzles. Take the Chawanmushi. This dish combines egg custard with spanner crab and caviar, a testament to fusion cooking. Then, there’s the Crudité. It’s a vibrant veggie delight that pleases both the eye and palate. Seafood lovers, rejoice at the King Prawn Tomalley. It’s a bold mix of prawns, miso, and caviar.


The sushi and sashimi menu is a highlight. It ranges from the delicate kombu-jime King George Whiting to the luxurious otoro bluefin tuna belly. Plus, there’s plant-based sushi for everyone to enjoy. Their red capsicum nigiri, a masterful creation that mimics the appearance of tuna nigiri so closely, it playfully confounds the senses.

DRINK: Beverages That Delight

The drinks menu is just as thoughtful. Victorian and French wines are carefully chosen to pair with the dishes. Sake lovers have a wide range to explore – including IMA Sake, which has IMA is a saké that has been specifically brewed to pair with premium oysters. The cocktail list, with its Japanese twist, includes favourites like the Midori Sour and Sakura Martini. And Chablis goes perfectly with their sushi & fish dishes.

PLAY: In Comfort and Style

The creators of Bansho, Larry Xie and Mira Wu, have infused the space with their passion for design and fine dining. The result is a warm, welcoming environment that combines art deco elegance with modern comfort. Leather chairs, velvet banquettes, and brass finishes create a setting that’s both stylish and cosy, making diners feel right at home.

Why Bansho Stands Out

Bansho is a place where food, drink, and design meticulously come together to ignite the senses. It’s perfect for special occasions or simply enjoying a meal out in a beautiful setting. The attention to detail, from the menu to the decor makes Bansho a must-visit to your list.

For those eager to experience this unique blend of French grace and Japanese craftsmanship, Bansho welcomes diners from Tuesday to Saturday. Whether you’re planning a special night out or looking for a new dining adventure, Bansho promises an experience that’s as enjoyable as it is memorable.