Unearth Gourmet Luxury with Baby Pizza’s Truffle Feast

Melbourne / 15 June 2023

There’s a reason why truffle is often referred to as “black gold”.

This highly prized delicacy, with its rich, earthy flavour and distinctive aroma, has the ability to turn an ordinary dish into something utterly luxurious. With the arrival of truffle season, foodies across the city are salivating in anticipation. And nowhere is this excitement more palpable than at Baby Pizza, a dining hotspot that’s adding a Truffle-twist to their Italian-inspired classics.

Truffle Month at Baby Pizza is a true celebration of this extraordinary ingredient. From the first bite to the last, each dish on their truffle-focused menu is designed to showcase the sublime flavour and texture that make truffles such a culinary delight.

Begin your truffle journey with a starter of roasted scallops, nestled on a bed of cauliflower and pangrattato, and adorned with a drizzle of truffle butter. Priced at $28.50, this dish promises an exquisite balance of flavours and textures, setting the stage for what’s to come.

Next, experience the union of simplicity and sophistication with a fresh linguine cacio e pepe, crowned with Black Truffle. At $29.50, this pasta dish is a testament to the magic that can occur when a handful of quality ingredients are skillfully prepared.

For pizza lovers, there’s the tartufo e salsiccia – a creation featuring pork sausage, taleggio, friarelli, and a scattering of truffled pecorino. Priced at $28.50, it’s a must-try for anyone looking to take their pizza experience to the next level.

Finally, if your palate is still yearning for that unique, savoury truffle flavour, you can opt for an extra shaving of Black Truffle on any dish of your choice. For an additional $14.50, this indulgence can turn any meal into an unforgettable truffle feast.

As we enter the heart of truffle season, it’s clear that Baby Pizza is the place to be for anyone looking to indulge in the magic of this prized ingredient. Whether you’re a seasoned truffle aficionado or a curious food enthusiast, there’s something on the menu to satisfy every craving.

Truffle Month at Baby Pizza – it’s the deliciously decadent event that your tastebuds can’t afford to miss.