Ash Keating’s LIVE PRESSURE Melds Painting, Music, and Film

Cool Sh*t, Melbourne / 30 January 2024

Melbourne gears up for an artistic first on Saturday, 10 February 2024. “LIVE PRESSURE” will showcase the collaborative genius of Ash Keating and Ryan Ritchie. This event promises a unique blend of visual and auditory experiences at Bunjil Place.

Art Meets Music on Stage

In “LIVE PRESSURE”, part of Keating’s “PRESSURE” exhibition at Bunjil Place, art leaps from canvas to stage. Keating, renowned for his vibrant outdoor murals, will paint live. His energetic use of colour and movement transforms into a visual narrative. Complementing this, Ryan Ritchie and a 12-piece ensemble will weave an auditory tapestry. Their improvisational music will respond to Keating’s art, creating a dynamic interplay.

Ash Keating: Innovator and Artist

Keating has been reshaping Melbourne’s art scene since 2004. His outdoor murals, created with paint-filled fire extinguishers, have become city landmarks. Keating also excels in studio-based work, focusing on canvas experimentation. His multifaceted approach includes painting, sculpture, and video, showcasing his versatility as an artist.

The Soundscapes of Ryan Ritchie

Ritchie, a Melbourne-based composer, enhances LIVE PRESSURE with his musical genius. As a founder of The Raah Project and True Live, his work reflects a fusion of jazz, hip-hop, and dance. His compositions for LIVE PRESSURE will mirror the energy and transformation of Keating’s live painting.

A Collaborative Milestone

This event marks the pinnacle of Keating and Ritchie’s collaborations since 2003. It is not just an art show but a sensory journey. “LIVE PRESSURE” invites Melbourne to experience a fusion of painting, music, and film, redefining the boundaries of artistic expression.