Amphlett House: Melbourne’s Haven of Local Flavours

Eat, Melbourne / 8 November 2023

A Corporate Jungle with a Flavourful Twist

The Melbourne CBD thrives with energy and diversity, especially when it comes to its dining scene. Amidst a plethora of Asian, Middle Eastern, and European restaurants, the true taste of Victoria often seemed overshadowed. However, the tides have turned with the advent of Amphlett House Melbourne.

Amphlett House: A Celebration of Local Produce

Amphlett House stands as a beacon of Victorian pride, showcasing the region’s finest ingredients through its recent transformation. The establishment exudes a charm that perfectly marries rustic allure with an element of sophistication, offering a comfortable yet refined dining experience.

The Humble Roots of a Culinary Craftsman

Zac Shearer, the head chef at Amphlett House, brings a down-to-earth approach to his kitchen. Hailing from Tasmania and raised by a fisherman, his cooking is a true extension of his values — sincere and produce-focused.

A Menu of Delightful Surprises

Begin your meal with an exceptional eclair, filled not with the expected sweet cream but with a lavish duck liver parfait, complemented by sweet cumberland jelly and a touch of hazelnut. It’s a dish that confounds expectations and delights the senses.

Spring in a Dish

The asparagus creation at Amphlett House is a tribute to the season, with charred spears and spring onions nestled in a verdant tahini sauce, punctuated by delicate garlic shoots. It’s a dish so delightful, you’ll be keen to savour every last morsel.

Reinventing the Classics

Even a traditional ‘steak and chips’ reaches new heights here. A bite of the succulent dry-aged porterhouse accompanied by new potatoes, watercress, and radish will redefine your expectations of this classic. Paired with a robust Cabernet Sauvignon from Margaret River, selected from an astutely curated wine list, the experience is sublime.

The Long-Awaited Victor

Melbourne’s CBD has long awaited a champion for Victoria’s culinary prowess. With Amphlett House in Melbourne, that call has been answered with finesse. It’s a venue that not only meets the mark but sets a new standard for local dining excellence.