A Spirited Celebration: Melbourne Cocktail Festival 2023

Drink, Melbourne / 22 August 2023

The Melbourne Cocktail Festival is back. From September 18-24, it returns for its fourth year. Ready to take over the city, this festival will offer pop-ups, bar safaris, and creative drinks.

What’s on Offer

The Bar Safari

The 2023 Bar Safari is a main highlight. It features over 40 venues in the CBD and inner north. These venues will provide a unique $15 cocktail or special Sip + Snack deal.

Festival-goers can craft their own adventure. They can explore new venues or pick intriguing drinks. Alternatively, they can follow planned routes on the MCF Bar Safari map.


Located on Liverpool St, the new MCF Hub is a lively starting point. Attendees can redeem a free cocktail here. They can also pick up a map, and try the unique Bar Safari menu. The hub’s team, led by renowned bartenders, will offer an array of $15 cocktails.

More Exciting Events

Beyond $15 cocktails, there’s more to look forward to. Details are yet to come, but there will be a global Gin Journey, Boothby’s Best Bars awards, and a coffee-and-cocktails pop-up.

Melbourne Cocktail Festival

The Mission Behind the Merriment

The team at Worksmith created Melbourne Cocktail Festival. They wanted to highlight the city’s cocktail culture. So, the festival promotes the local producers, bartenders, and businesses.

Founded in 2020, the festival encourages a week-long exploration of Melbourne’s varied bars. From hidden basements to Fitzroy rooftops, it’s an exciting way to enjoy the city’s nightlife.

Tickets are available now. So, get ready, Melbourne, for a week that will ignite your passion for cocktails.

Melbourne Cocktail Festival