Celebrating 25 Years: Adrian Richardson and La Luna Bistro

Eat, Melbourne / 8 August 2023
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Celebrating 25 Years: Adrian Richardson and La Luna Bistro

Eat, Melbourne / 8 August 2023

A Dream Realised

Adrian Richardson

Adrian Richardson, a renowned name in Australia’s food industry, has been dazzling taste buds in Melbourne for 25 years with his iconic La Luna Bistro. Nestled in Carlton’s Rathdowne Village, La Luna Bistro opened its doors in 1998. Becoming a symbol of quality and a home for local food enthusiasts.

A Journey to Success

Adrian’s passion for food began with a childhood filled with different cuisines. Influenced by an early life in Malaysia and Italian grandparents. He learned the joy of home-cooked meals and the art of making pasta.

His career took off at 15, initially working in cafes to pay for his pilot’s licence. But the call of the kitchen was too strong, and Adrian soon found himself training under Melbourne’s best chefs. After further honing his skills overseas, he returned to Melbourne, ready to open La Luna Bistro – a double-storey Victorian terrace at 320 Rathdowne Street.

La Luna Bistro

La Luna Bistro: A Local Love

Adrian’s commitment to quality produce and handcrafted dishes quickly made La Luna Bistro a neighbourhood favourite. From homemade pastas to dry-aged beef cuts prepared by resident butcher Angelo Marchetti, the restaurant’s offerings became legendary.

Overcoming challenges, like the 1999 Victorian gas crisis, Adrian’s focus never wavered. He even expanded the Bistro to include a leafy courtyard and outdoor seating, keeping the dining experience fresh and inviting.

More Than Just a Restaurant

Adrian extended his passion for food and drink by opening Bouvier Bar in 2017, a New York-style cocktail bar. With its produce-led food offerings, signature cocktails, and extensive spirits selection, it quickly became a hot date-night spot.

Adrian’s impact on the culinary world also stretches into television, producing and appearing on shows like “Ready Steady Cook” and “Good Chef Bad Chef.” He even earned a nomination for Best Lockdown Podcast with “Cooking With Richo.”

A Celebration of Taste and Community

A celebration of 25 Years of La Luna Bistro kicks off this August with special events, offering diners a chance to relive the magical flavours that made the restaurant a Melbourne institution.

“Hospitality is about being generous,” Adrian says, a philosophy that resonates with guests who’ve been coming for over 20 years. The sense of community and love for good food makes La Luna Bistro more than just a dining spot; it’s a part of Melbourne’s soul.

Small Goods La Luna

A Culinary Legacy

Adrian’s story is more than a success tale; it’s a testament to quality, humour, and warm hospitality. Through La Luna Bistro, Adrian Richardson has created an experience that feels like walking through your front door, into a world of delicious flavours and cherished memories. A visit to La Luna is more than a meal; it’s a celebration of a community bound by a love for great food. His legacy is not just in the dishes served but in the hearts touched and the connections forged over shared tables and delectable delights. Here’s to the next 25 Years of La Luna Bistro!

La Luna Bistro
320 Rathdowne Street, Carlton North, VIC, 3054