2:22 – A Ghost Story: A Supernatural Hit Graces Melbourne’s Theatre Scene

Melbourne, Play / 26 July 2023

Melbourne Opens Doors to Thrills

Ready up, Melbourne! “2:22 – A Ghost Story” is sweeping in this July. This award-winning thriller has snatched the Best New Play accolade at What’s on Stage. It artfully ties together elements of the supernatural with sharp social commentary.

2:22 by Danny Robins, directed by Matthew Dunster; Associate Director: Matt Hassell ; Cast: Cheryl, Louise Ford and Scott Karim and Ben Cutler ; Runaway Entertainment ; Lyric Theatre ; 21st January 2023 ; Photography Helen Murray 


A Story Unravels

The plot centres around a tense dinner party. Jenny (Gemma Ward) is adamant that her new home hides ghosts. On the other hand, her husband, Sam (Remy Hii), stands firm in his skepticism. Joining them are old friend Lauren (Ruby Rose) and her new partner Ben (Daniel MacPherson). As the witching hour of 2:22 draws closer, the suspense skyrockets. Secrets tumble out. Boundaries blur. Questions about a potential ghostly visitation linger. Audiences will find themselves riveted.

A Legacy of Stardom

This play has successfully traversed the global theatre landscape. Previous runs in the UK and LA boasted star-studded casts, including names like Lily Allen, Stephanie Beatriz, Tom Felton, and Cheryl. Today, it stands as more than a play; it’s a worldwide theatre phenomenon.

Melbourne’s Starry Spotlight

Melbourne now steps into the spotlight. “2:22 – A Ghost Story” will hit the local theatre scene for a limited four-week run, kicking off on July 25. The cast features Australian talents Ruby Rose, Daniel MacPherson, Gemma Ward, and Remy Hii. This Olivier-nominated production promises to deliver an evening filled with suspense, mystery, and intrigue. Get your tickets now and step into the thrill.