Male birth control pills have passed safety testing stage

Cool Sh*t / 3 April 2019

Male birth control could become a reality sooner than we think. Ladies and gents, are you yay or nay?

Whether you’re on the pill, have an implant or rely on ye old faithful condoms, birth control can be a logistical nightmare for us lady folks. It’s a huge responsibility to take a pill everyday, and if you forget, well the consequences can be massive.

Now however, we’re being told that a male birth control pill is looking more and more promising, having now passed early safety testing.

As a woman though, would you trust your boyfriend, partner or even that one night stand with your pregnancy status? It’s a topic of conversation that continues to divide the sexes, many women taking the stance that they shouldn’t have to carry all of the responsibility in this particular domain.

Researcher of Los Angeles-based nonprofit LABioMed, Dr Christina Wang, recently presented findings on the drug at an Endocrine Society conference in New Orleans. According to the society, the male contraceptive pill ‘greatly’ reduced hormones needed for sperm production.

In a CNN report, it was noted that the recent trial included 40 healthy men, aged 18-50, including 10 who received a placebo. While low testosterone levels were recorded in the men taking the drug, a handful of men reported cases of fatigue, headache, acne, decreased libido and mild erectile dysfunction.

“Safe, reversible hormonal male contraception should be available in about 10 years,” Wang said in a statement. Future research must include longer-term studies that can make sure sperm production actually comes to a halt, she said.

What is your stance on male contraceptive pills?