Maker & Creator – 600 Bottles of Wine

Maker & Creator Podcast / 31 October 2018

Maker & Creator- Meet the Makers behind 600 Bottles of Wine

This was our first time recording with three guests on the show, the core creatives behind 600 Bottles of Wine a new all-female Aussie made web/TV series. It has just premiered in Australia following success on screens in the UK & NZ. 600 Bottle Of Wine was produced off the back of a successful blog started by Grace Rouvray.  She opened her heart on the blog and shared her dating woes. And people loved it. We watched the trailer and felt instantly connected and new we needed to meet the creators behind this series. Grace Rouvray, Bec Bignell and Ainslie Clouston take us through the highs and lows of creating your own series. From selling your soul to scoring major contracts and the hustle in between.

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Photo by Alex Vaughan