The latest trends in booze we’re loving right now

Drink / 21 August 2019

From the rise of the canned cocktail to boozy kombucha, here are the latest alcohol trends we’re swooning over.

With the spotlight now shining heavily on quality, sustainability and convenience in relation to the current alcohol market, these are the new players worth paying attention to. From the canned negroni to the ultimate detox-retox beverage, here are the latest creations in booze we can’t help but love.

Curatif – the cocktail in a can

An espresso martini in a can you say? Curatif are reinventing the way we drink some of our favourite cocktails, with the Four Pillars Negroni and Archie Rose Espresso Martini in a can. Driven by a growing trend of ‘staying in’ rather than hitting the cocktail bar, canned cocktails are suitably enhancing the ‘at home’ drinking experience.

naughty booch

Naughty Booch – the new boozy kombucha

While some may view alcohol and kombucha as juxtaposing forces, Naughty Booch are bringing two of our favourite things together to create a carbonated mix of kombucha and apple cider. When you think about it, both beverages are light and dangerously drinkable. Combined, you’ve got a high quality, summer-ready tipple.

brookvale union vodka peach iced tea

Brookvale Union – vodka and peach iced tea

We’re calling it. Peach flavoured iced tea is the underdog of non-alcoholic drinks. Just in time for the start of the warmer months, Brookvale Union have now released a new vodka and peach iced tea. Peachy yet punchy, this low alcohol (4%) beverage is ideal for a summer session. It sits alongside its two boozy beverage sister-wives we’re equally obsessed with – Brookvale Union’s Ginger Beer and Spiced Rum & Lime Ginger Beer.

‘Low intervention’, ‘organic’, ‘skin contact’ wine is hot hot hot right now. Pét-nat wine or pétillant naturel wine is a pretty ancient type sparkling wine that predates the Champagne method. Harnessing the natural gas produced during fermentation, the result is a lightly spritzed, funky wine packed with personality.


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