Jimmy’s Recipe

Restaurants / 23 May 2010


Is Jimmy’s Recipe the best laksa in Sydney?

I only discovered Laksa about a year ago. For some reason the fluro orange had always deterred me from trying it. Then some time last year I was with my friend Dracula and she suggested we grab a laksa at Jimmy’s for lunch.

Since then we eat laksa there at least once a week. We’ve even have an unspoken code. One of us will send an email with the subject ‘laksa?’ and that instantly means ‘meet you at Jimmy’s at 12.30pm’. It’s rare either of us will turn the invite down, even if it does mean rescheduling a client meeting!

So is Jimmy’s the best Laksa in Sydney?


I’m sure there are loads of other places that do ‘The Best Laksa in Sydney’ but in terms of convenience, price ($6.90 for vege laksa) and quick service (pay your money, wait 60 seconds and your laksa is ready), you can’t beat Jimmy’s Recipe.

Possibly the best thing about Jimmy’s is you can buy bibs so you don’t splash bright orange laksa all over your crisp white shirt…and yes it’s totally acceptable and not awkward at all…even Ms Darlinghurst doesn’t mind tucking a bib into her shirt in this establishment * 😉

Jimmy’s Recipe

The Galleries Victoria, 500 George St (or enter next to Arthouse on Pitt St)

*Please note that this is possibly the only place in Sydney (other than a ribs house) that I would endorse tucking a bib into your shirt…