7 Halloween Costume Ideas That Aren’t A Sexy Cat

Cool Sh*t / October 16, 2018

Scrap the sexy kitten and get inspired with these kooky, wacky, and downright wonderful Halloween costume ideas.

The spookiest day of the calendar year is just around the corner, and while kids get set to trick-or-treat, us big kids get ready for a day of dress ups and debauchery. Don’t leave organising your costume to the last minute and default to a sexy kitten. Here are some truly horrifying, equally hilarious halloween costume ideas.

Sriracha Bottle

Feeling especially spicy this Halloween? Why not celebrate everyone’s favourite hot sauce as a human sriracha bottle. You could buy the dress online, or stick a printed logo onto a pre-owned red ensemble. Top it off (literally and figuratively) with a green cap and you’re good to go.



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Human Avocado

On a budget? Looking to put in minimal effort, for maximum return? Kmart is selling human avocado costumes that are technically designed for kids aged 5 +, but who isn’t to say you small adult folk couldn’t squeeze into one? It retails for $12, and you can get yours here.


Human Pizza Slice

Continuing on with the theme of food, adult pizza slice outfits are relatively affordable (retailing for $44.95 from CostumeBox.com.au). Not only will you look delicious, you’ll be the legend of the party in this getup.

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Matching Surgeons

This one is for all the couples out there. Surgeon costumes are not only light weight (so you won’t be overheating unlike your friend who came as Chewbacca) but effective and to the point.

Lindsay Lohan Zombie Bride

This particular zombie bride needs no introduction. Simply rummage through the costume box for a scraggily wig and some fake teeth, then all you need is something resembling a wedding dress (easily acquired from an opt shop). Voila!

(Vintage) Mummy

Own a bed sheet? This costume’s for you. If you’re not looking to spill beer on your beloved sheets, why not otherwise opt for the old toilet paper trick? Teamed with some fake blood (available from most discount stores) you’re onto a winner.

Betty Boop

Heidi Klum is known for her epic annual Halloween costumes, and this particular number in 2002 is no exception. Introducing, the ultimate Betty Boop getup.

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