Drambuie 15 Launches in Australia

Drink, Events / 21 March 2012

The Drambuie launch went down as smoothly as the original blend, mixed with a simple splash of lime that I devoured upon arrival. The Ivy’s Den set the scene with a laid back atmosphere, the pianist took me back in time to the late 50’s, as I sunk into a vintage armchair to join the chatter that softly filled the room alongside Ms Darlinghurst. Before me stood a unique display of Drambuie’s blends that McWilliams Wines will be taking to the Australian market. Three distinct bottles rested proudly on top of ice sculptures, gazing over the crowd.

The original Drambuie, mostly recognised from my father’s liquor cabinet, was rebranded with a new bottle in 2009 to reach out to the younger market. A wise move, Drambuie have contributed to the 42 percent increase in liqueur consumption between 2006-2011. A decision to capture more of the growing market was made by reintroducing the long-aged version, made with 15 year-old Speyside whiskies. No matter  how you drink the Drambuie 15,  on the rocks, straight up, or even with a splash of water, you can’t escape the velvet softness and sweet sensation of malty butterscotch that warms your insides from head to toe.

The International Brand Principal of Drambuie, Jonathan Brown flew in from Scotland to join the launch and provide some insightful history on the brand, educating the crowd with a very comical pronunciation on Drambuie.  He proudly unveiled ‘The Drambuie Royal Legacy of 1745’. This blend is a sublime interpretation of the original enjoyed by Bonnie Prince Charlie in 1745 providing an exquisite experience on the taste buds. Also on show was the exclusive ‘Jacobite Collection’ of Drambuie flown over and already spoken for with a price tag of $5,000. Sadly this bottle was guarded all night and not available for tastings.

With three superb, tantalising blends priced accordingly, I expect Drambuie to continue its success and capture the hearts of many across a wide variety of social scenes, whether it be at home or out to play.

Drambuie’ 700ml RRP @ $52.99 found in most liquor stores

Drambuie 15’ 700ml RRP @ $84.99 found in most liquor stores

Drambuie 1745 Royal Legacy’ 700ml @ $199.99 found only in exclusive bars or select retailers