Epic Channing Tatum Lip Sync Battle

Cool Sh*t, Play / 13 January 2016

Move over Beyonce, Channing Tatum is here to run the world

The show that everybody is talking about has entered it’s second season with a bang. The hilarious US reality show Lip Sync Battle pits Hollywood’s hottest celebrities against each other as they lip-sync to favourite songs. The battles have been getting more and more insane each time with just last month, Joseph Gordon-Levitt dressing in full Janet Jackson get-up to dance and lip-sync to Janet’s iconic track Rhythm Nation. But this has got to be the lip sync that tops the rest: Channing Tatum versus his wife, the incredibly talented dancer Jenna Dewan-Tatum.

Jenna goes first, dressed in the exact outfit and mimicking the exact same moves of her husband’s titular character from the movie Magic Mike. She dances, strips and lip-syncs to Ginuwine’s Pony. She even gyrates on her giggling husband and shoots a cannon of cash at the end. Naturally, she kills it.

Jenna Dewan Tatum
Courtesy of Today.com

But Channing Tatum’s retaliation will be one for the ages. Dressed head-to-toe in Beyonce’s exact outfit in her video clip Who Run the World (Girls) Channing (somewhat) nails the exceptional choreography in Bey’s 2011 video clip with his back-up dancers.

But in a shocking twist of events, the actual Beyonce struts out onto the stage and shows everybody how it’s done. Needless to say, Channing won the lip sync battle, but we all know it was really Queen Bey who won that night.

Watch the hilarity unfold here