Bompas and Parr Announce a 200 Course Tasting menu

Cool Sh*t / 2 September 2015

Ever had a degustation dinner before? Normally they range from five to twelve courses over a few hours. Sounds like a lot of food right? Well, UK based culinary creatives Bompas and Parr are taking degustation dining to a whole new level. These guys are no strangers to pushing the drink and dine boundaries. They’ve made glow-in-the-dark Cornettos, opened an albino rabbit petting cafe, served a jelly banquet and more!

Now, they’re offering a select few the opportunity to experience a 200 course degustation across 24 hours for one day only. That’s one course every 7.14 minutes. Wowza! A seat at the table will set you back a whopping £2000 for a pair of tickets. For those not wishing to burst out of their pants (or their pockets) there is the option to enjoy a 20 course degustation priced at a much more modest £49.

Those partaking in the 24 hour food fiesta can expect 20 meals grouped into 10 different coloured and themed courses. Yellow breakfast featuring citrus and caffeine right through to a pink dinner with cured meats and eye catching fuschia.

If you feel like flying to the UK, forking out 2000 pounds and committing a straight 24 hours to just eating then you can visit to book your 200 course day. Go on, we dare you!