The Best Foodie Apps 2017

Foodie Apps Deliveroo Third Wave burgers

Nothing more app-etizing than these foodie apps!

If you’re a die-hard foodie and want to know the best apps that can help you to live-out your foodie dreams, then look no further than this post. We’ve gathered the best foodie apps, right here, right now.

Best Foodie Apps for thrifty foodies: 

Foodie App's Pappa Goose


Hey Melbourne do you wanna play a game? With EatClub! its first in best dressed. Sign up to the app and you are in for a foodie treat. During slow periods of the hectic kitchen day, restaurants around the city offer members of the app discounts on their dishes. The brainchild of  celebrity chef Marco Pierre White, EatClub! allows restaurants to make live offers to members that expire once the deal has been redeemed by another food lover using the app. Top tier eateries such as Meatball and Wine Bar, Papa Goose, Babu Ji and Portello Rosso are ready to make you run!

Download free for iPhone or Android

My Shout

If you’re running late to your best mate’s birthday celebrations, the My Shout app lets you send them a real drink, in real time, at a real venue in Sydney. Crisis Averted. With this app, shout your friend a drink or redeem a drink from a friend. And, sorry to be the mum here, but remember to drink responsibly.

Download free for iPhone or Android

Best Foodie Apps for the adventurous foodie


Sydney Food Trucks

Some of Sydney’s best food is served out the side of a truck. We’ve seen Mister Gee’s Burger List climb to the top of Sydney’s many burger lists, Monster Rolls get it’s own store on land in Darlinghurst and a rise in all kinds of cuisines and meals being served, to Knafeh, the overnight sensation from Jerusalem. With this app, you can see what food trucks are around your area today, tomorrow and over the week. You can also set up notifications to alert you about certain trucks or about certain suburbs, so all the hard work is done for you! Get trucking!

For other cities, Wherethetruck is Australia wide (only available in iPhone.)

Download free for iPhone & Android

Vivino Wine Scanner 

Vivino Wine Scanner is your own pocket sommelier! Impress your friends and find the best wine with a simple scan of the label. This will “uncork” (if you will)  pricing, ratings, reviews, food paring suggestions and recommendations from the biggest community of more than 10 million wine lovers.

Download free for iPhone & Android

Lets Meet At

As the saying goes, you don’t make friends with salad! However, with Lets Meet At, you can make friends by bonding over your shared love of the greatest thing in the world: good food. Finding your new BFF (best foodie friend) is as easy as filling out a brief bio and, after answering a couple of foodie related questions,  you can get matching with like minded food lovers. In no time you will be meeting up with fellow foodies at some of the coolest eateries!

Head to the free web based app 

Best Foodie Apps for the conscious foodie

Foodie Apps Share the Meal group with pizza

Share the Meal 

Feel like doing more today? With just a simple click on your phone, you can contribute to the cause to help stop world hunger with Share The Meal app, just one of the initatives made in conjunction with The United Nations. It’s only 50c to feed a child for a full day, so with one tap of your screen, you can donate a meal through the World Food Programme.

Download free for iPhone & Android

Looking to do more? Here’s how to Dine with a Purpose in Sydney.

Vegan Apps 

Living the vegan life can be difficult when it comes to dining out, but End Cruelty Australia looks to lend you a helping hand. The free app is a comprehensive guide of how to be vegan, including more than 1000 grocery items found at prominent supermarkets, a restaurant guide, recipes, alcohol, cigarette and cosmetic choices and more. There’s also The Happy Cow, which allows you to identify all vegan, vegetarian, veg friendly and health food stores in your vicinity. This is used worldwide, so great for the travelling vegan!

Download End Cruelty Australia free for iPhone & Android. Download The Happy Cow for $5.49 for iPhone & Android.

Are you living la vida vegan? Check out our guide to Most Underrated Vegan Spots in Sydney! 

Best Foodie Apps for the stay-at-home-foodie

Foodie Apps Jamie's Recipes App

Tasty App

Who wouldn’t want a cooking coach for free? Thanks to BuzzFeed, you can rid yourself of your foodie shame and learn to cook over 2,000 dishes on the Tasty App. Search through the extensive variety of recipes and then enjoy a step-by-step video guiding you from the fry pan to the plate. You can even personalise the app to suit your vego, vegan, gluten free demands. Even if you aren’t in the kitchen, Tasty App is foodie porn heaven!

Download free on iPhone Android

Jamie’s Recipes

The cute Brit we all love and know brings us over 200 of his greatest recipes in his Jamie’s Recipes app. Jamie designed his app to give us foodies the tools and inspiration to create great tasting food easily at home.

Download free on iPhone


Remembering when your mum told you to eat all the food on your plate because she didn’t want to deal with the leftovers? Neither do we, because we love our food here and always eat every last scrap. However, parents now having nothing to fear because with the BigOven app, you just enter all your ingredients or leftovers and voila, the perfect recipe is presented to you. Genius!

Download for free for iPhone & Android


This app is for those who are unorganised and forever with almost-empty cupboards. Mixology lets you enter the ingredients you have lying around and shows you the drink you can make out of them. Got some Vodka, lemons, soda water, brown sugar and eggs lying around? Mixology tells you to make a Moonage Daydream!

Download free from iPhone & Android

Ask the Butcher

Ask the Butcher is your ultimate app for all things meaty, created by celebrity butcher Anthony Puharich (who gave us his top 10 meat dishes around Sydney). You can get tips on what cut of meat to buy, info on the different meat parts on an animal and how too cook your cut of meat perfectly.

Download for $2.99 on iPhone 

 Best Foodie Apps for the lazy foodie

Foodie Apps Deliveroo Third Wave burgers

Delivery Apps

Over the last few years, we’ve seen some good delivery apps popping up all over the place. Instead of picking up the ol’ telephone and giving your local takeaway a call, these great little apps do all the work for you. Just pick a restaurant, pick a meal and pay by card, all via your smartphone. Popular apps Deliveroo, have upped the delivery app game by making available more upmarket eateries including Jamie’s Italian, Huxterburger, Neil Perry’s Burger Project and more.

Also, in Melbourne, there’s UberEats, the app connected to the popular drive-share app Uber. Some UberEats orders will get to their orderer in under 10 minutes! What a world we live in. Not all areas are covered by the delivery apps yet, so check first to avoid disappointment! Read about the time we ordered Mary’s Fried Chicken Burgers through Deliveroo for a lazy Wednesday lunch.

Download Deliveroo free for iPhone & Android

Download UberEats free for iPhone & Android.

Read about the time we ordered Mary’s Fried Chicken Burgers through Deliveroo for a lazy Wednesday lunch.

Tell us, what are your favourite food and drink apps?