Send a Bag of Dicks

Cool Sh*t, Play / 15 May 2018

What makes for the perfect revenge you ask? Why, sending a bag of dicks of course.

Anonymously sending a bag of dicks to your childhood enemy, your ex or for that special asshole in your life. Yes!

Dicks by Mail are making this a reality, for $15 you can send some jelly dicks accompanied with a stock message. At this point, it doesn’t even matter if they are gluten free or manufactured in China, we need to send some of these.

If sending a bag of edible dicks wasn’t enough, those feeling particularly spiteful can pimp out the delivery further. Simply opt to have glitter or penis confetti added for that extra special surprise.

The website says, “It’s not meant to be a threat or a way to bully. If you are sending this with the intent to ruin someones day, then maybe it’s you who needs to eat a bag of dicks.”

Or maybe you just want someone to get excited over receiving a package and see the disappointment written over their face as they read the bold text note, “EAT A BAG OF DICKS”.

For anyone who was a fan of the Ship Your Enemy Glitter campaign, then you are going to love this.

Check it out, just for dicks and giggles :