Get Ready: The World’s Largest Underwater Discovery Centre Is Coming Soon To Australia

Cool Sh*t / 8 March 2021

The $30 million Australian Underwater Discovery Centre is set to offer an epic underwater experience.

Ever wanted to get a real glimpse into what’s happening below the surface? For lovers of the ocean, an unmissable new underwater discovery experience is coming soon to Australia in just a few year’s time.

Get ready for the brand-new Australian Underwater Discovery Centre (or AUDC. for short), which is slated to open in Australia by the start of 2023. It’s a one-of-a-kind centre and set to be the largest marine observatory in the world, finding its home in Western Australia.

This epic underwater project has been based on a design by British firm Baca Architects. The result is a truly unique whale-shaped structure that will be resting on the water in WA. In fact, part of the structure will be submerged and located at the end of the 1.8 km heritage-listed Busselton Jetty.

Take a 2.5-hour drive south from Perth and you’ll find the town of Busselton. It’s a fitting spot for this new underwater discovery centre as it’s a renowned place to spot the annual whale migrations from September to December. What makes this spot so unique is that its the intersection of the Southern Ocean and the Indian Ocean, a place where cool and warm waters collide.

So what can you expect from the new Australian Underwater Discovery Centre? The venue will offer 5.5-meter-tall windows looking into the seagrass meadow underwater, as well as above-water windows offering vistas across the endless ocean. There’s set to be an underwater dining room, an art gallery, plenty of exhibition spaces, a marine research centre and sessions to educate teh public about the impact of climate change on our oceans.

The project’s design is also curated to offer a safe habitat for local fish and coral, with a bio-receptive exterior that allows barnacles and algae to naturally occur. As you’d expect, the project doesn’t come cheap and is estimated to cost $30 million (funded by state and federal government along with contributions from Busselton Jetty Inc and the City of Busselton).

Find out more about the Australian Underwater Discovery Centre (set to open in early 2023) here.