10 Questions With Pete Evans

10 Questions With... / 7 May 2014


1.  You’ve cooked for the likes of the Prince and Princess of Denmark, U2 and more. What’s been the highlight of your career?

The highlight of my career would have to be the mindful journey that I’m currently on. As a health coach and chef I’m honoured to be in a position that allows me to share nutritional knowledge and recipes that allow people to thrive. Food can be both medicine and poison and the more awareness around the importance of diet and lifestyle the better!

2.    Top 3 ingredients you can’t live without?

At the moment I love chia seeds, kale and fresh herbs. I use these ingredients in a lot of my cooking right now, as they are available all year round! Not only can they be used to complement other foods, but they are also packed with goodness and nutrients.
3.    Your favourite cuisine to cook and why?

I don’t have a favourite cuisine, instead I just love to cook with fresh, seasonal, ethical ingredients.

4.    Funniest story you can tell us from your time on My Kitchen Rules?

I can’t quite pinpoint the funniest story from my time on MKR, because there have been so many great moments. With such amazing contestants both now and in the past, every season has been unique and different in its own way and laughs on set are regular.
5.    You’ve gone from making award-winning pizzas to gourmet salads, how important is healthy eating to you?

It is extremely important to me, and eating healthy has become a passion. My family and I eat a paleo inspired diet, as I believe it is nutritious, satisfying and allows me to function at an optimum level. I found that when I ate without thinking about the consequences, I wasn’t feeling good after my meal and it didn’t provide me with lasting energy and satisfaction. I have a busy schedule, so healthy food that fuels me for the day is extremely important.

It can be difficult to find tasty and healthy meals on the go. SumoSalad really fills a gap in the market, which is why my partnership with them is a great match. It’s a brand that’s in sync with my personal values of fresh and tasty food, which is both nutritious and filling.

6.    What inspired you to work with SumoSalad?

As a health conscious chef, being a brand ambassador for SumoSalad was a no brainer. We share a love of fresh produce that tastes great. I think Aussies now understand that healthy food can be equally as tasty! SumoSalad is Australia’s only healthy fast food option so I’m proud to be a part of it. They have a great selection of gourmet choices from salads to soups, which can satisfy all year round. I love creating and designing new menu options

7.    Any big plans for 2014?

It’s only April and this year has already been so big and exciting, especially with the launch of my new cookbook, Healthy Every Day. Outside of that there are a few exciting plans in the pipeline, which you’ll find out more about soon. Watch this space!

8.    Where is your favourite place to EAT in Sydney?

I would have to say at home! We very rarely eat out in Sydney and if we do we’ll pop to the Suv in Bondi for a delicious organic, wheat, gluten, grain and sugar free nourishing lunch.
9.    Where do you love to grab a DRINK in Sydney?

I love a fresh coconut from BU Organics in Bondi Junction.
10. Where do you PLAY when you’re not working?

Always at the beach! My family and I surf, SUP, fish, swim and snorkel. It’s great bonding time and helps us stay happy and healthy.