URA SAN, A New Fine Dining Japanese Restaurant is Opening in The Rocks

Drink, Eat, Sydney / 6 February 2019

Executive Chef Nobuyuki Ura of Sushi-E gets set to front the helm of a new Japanese restaurant, URA SAN.

The Rocks is hot hot hot right now in the food and beverage scene. Foodies can now bunny hop between the likes of the newly opened Maybe Sammy cocktail bar, whisky den The Doss House, Endeavour Taprooms and Middle Eastern-inspired Tayim.

Now, the latest addition to this buzzing neighbourhood is URA SAN. Housed in The Rocks’ restored harbour-side precinct, chef Nobuyuki Ura is moving from Merivale’s beloved Sushi-E to the new site, bringing more than 35 years of culinary expertise to the kitchen.

Set to open in mid-2019, URA SAN will come with panoramic views of Sydney’s harbour, the Harbour Bridge and Opera House. As for the restaurant’s name, chef Nobuyuki Ura is affectionally called ‘Ura San’, and thus marks an ode to the lauded Executive Chef.

URA SAN is the brainchild of father and son hospitality owners, Eddie and Bill Younes. The 217 seater venue is set to run over an impressive 5 bays, a separate lounge and bar housing another 60 guests looking for a pre or post dinner drink and smaller bites.

As for the all important food offering, guests will be treated to purposely presented, handpicked dishes of a traditional omakase menu, showcasing fresh and seasonal produce. The Japanese word ‘Omakase’, translating to “I’ll leave it to up to you”, implies that you can go on your own unique food journey.

Chef Ura says, “The Omakase experience is never the same, and the element of surprise involved makes the style of eating highly fulfilling for guests who get to share in an intimate sensory experience where they can enjoy the artistry and flavours of Japanese cuisine. We want people to be able take their time and savour everything, from the food and the space, to their interactions with the chefs, so that they leave with a deeper appreciation of Japanese generosity and hospitality”.

On the drinks front, you’ll find a generous sake and Japanese whisky offering, sitting alongside a wine list that focuses on leaner, more pristine grape varieties with a strong Australian showing. Meanwhile, cocktails at URA SAN are set to reflect the fundamental premise behind Japanese cuisine and culture – emphasising the purity of the flavours and the ingredients used.

The Younes’ are also set to open another venue in the precinct later this year. Further details on this, and the opening of URA SAN will be announced soon. Be sure to watch this space!