Must-Try Japanese Street Food Eatery, Darling Square

Eat, Restaurants, Sydney / 4 July 2022

Tsukiyo is the new Japanese eatery to land in Darling Square specialising in two signature Japanese street food staples, but not as you’ve seen them before. 

You’ll definitely have come across these two iconic snacks that Tsukiyo’s menu is built upon, takoyaki and taiyaki. If not immediately recognised by name, we’re sure you’d recognise the familiar fish-shaped waffles and skewered octopus balls instantly, especially if you’ve enjoyed the privilege of spending any length of time in Osaka’s neon-laden Dotonbori district. 

The two signature dishes feature in multiple applications across the menu designed in collaboration with Hakatamon Ramen head chef, Hidetoshi Tsuboi. Takoyaki, savoury golden balls of crispy batter with bonito flakes and their takoyaki sauce as toppings, will form half of the two-part menu. 

As well as iconic mainstays like the spicy ‘Mentaiko Takoyaki’, served with spicy mentaiko mayo, katsuobushi and takoyaki sauce, the Takoyaki menu will constantly change featuring seasonal and evolving specials such as the ‘Barcelona Takoyaki’ featuring LP’s chorizo, smoked paprika, aioli, tomato, fried parsley, and lemon.

Taiyaki – forming the second part of the specialised menu – showcases the traditional fish-shaped sweet waffle pastry that imitates the Japanese delicacy, red snapper. Diners can customise each order with their preferred sweet filling of red bean, vanilla bean custard or chestnut, and choose from a scoop of gelato (matcha, vanilla bean or strawberry) and toppings. 

Tsukiyo Darling Square

Ex-Zumbo Pastry chef Markus Andrew has also left a signature stamp on the traditionally sweet dish, with a satiating savoury edition. For those who prefer a cheese plate over cheesecake for dessert, the signature croque monsieur taiyaiki is for you. Crafted with locally sourced ham and gruyere cheese, this is taiyaki like you’ve never seen it before.

Stuff an on-the-go snack while roaming Darling Square, or take a seat for a full-menu feast of alternative Japanese street food. If you love a street-food snack as much as we do, be sure to check out the latest from Sydney’s Night Noodle Markets which will make a highly-anticipated return after a 2 year hiatus later this year.

  • WHAT: Tsukiyo
  • WHEN: Tsukiyo is open 12-9pm, Monday through to Sunday.
  • WHERE: Darling Square
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