Free Gelato Alert! Celebrate Mates Day With Gelato Messina & Snapchat

Eat, Sydney / 7 May 2024
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Free Gelato Alert! Celebrate Mates Day With Gelato Messina & Snapchat

Eat, Sydney / 7 May 2024

Who needs a filter when your gelato is this good?

A delightful collaboration is brewing between social media platform Snapchat and Sydney’s iconic Gelato Messina. This Mates Day, on May 8th, they’re offering a free scoop of a brand new, limited-edition flavour to celebrate the special bond of friendship.

For those unfamiliar with the Australian tradition, Mates Day is a casual occasion to acknowledge the importance of friends – the ones who share laughter, support, and perhaps a scoop of gelato. This year, Gelato Messina is putting a delicious twist on the celebration with “Oh Snap!” – a flavour inspired by the beloved Aussie classic, the vanilla slice.

Gelato Messina Snapchat Vanilla Slice Flavour

The base is a creamy vanilla gelato swirled with tangy passionfruit puree, all punctuated by delightful shards of caramelised puff pastry. It’s a taste that evokes delicious childhood memories!

Claiming your free scoop is refreshingly simple.  Just head to any Gelato Messina store across Australia with your best friend and show the Snapchat app open on your phone at the counter.

The celebration extends beyond the free gelato, particularly for Sydney residents. The Gelato Messina store on Crown Street, Surry Hills, will be transformed into a vibrant yellow wonderland, reflecting Snapchat’s signature colour. It’s the perfect backdrop for capturing some fun photos with your friend while enjoying your gelato and browsing exclusive Snapchat merchandise.

Gelato Messina Snapchat Vanilla Slice Scoop

Even if you can’t make it to a physical store or reside outside of Sydney, there’s no need to miss out. Snapchat has created a special Mates Day Lens for the app. This playful filter allows you to virtually celebrate friendship with your best friend, no matter the distance.

Grab your phone, round up your best bud, and head to Gelato Messina for a scoop of “Oh Snap!” and some Snapchat shenanigans. It’s a guaranteed way to reconnect, create sweet memories (and maybe a few hilarious photos) with the person who always has your back.