Sydney Cafe Goes Viral For Selling 1.2kg Croissant & 6Litre Coffee

Cool Sh*t, Eat, Sydney / 21 March 2024

Would you eat a pastry this big?

A Sydney cafe has taken the concept of indulgence to a whole new level, offering a croissant and coffee combination that’s sure to raise eyebrows. La Dorée, a halal French patisserie nestled in Greenacre, has gained social media fame for its colossal creations: a 1.2kg croissant and a 6-litre coffee.

Yes, you read that correctly. A six-litre coffee.

This isn’t a gimmick for the faint of heart. The bakery’s owners, Naaila and Khaled, are passionate about quality. Their giant croissant is a labour of love, taking three whole days to create using traditional methods. Flour, butter, sugar, and a whole lot of dedication go into this flaky masterpiece.

While the sheer size is undoubtedly eye-catching, La Dorée assures us that taste hasn’t been sacrificed for scale. Customers report that the croissant is well worth the wait, boasting the delightful crispness and buttery flavour we all know and love.

La Dorée’s outlandish creation isn’t just about the size, though. It’s a testament to the dedication and skill of their bakers, transforming humble ingredients into a thing of beauty (and deliciousness).

But who could possibly tackle a 1.2kg croissant alone? While it might be tempting to try, La Dorée recommends this decadent treat as more of a group experience. Perfect for a birthday celebration, a special brunch with friends, or a fun catch-up, it’s a guaranteed conversation starter.

Viral Sydney Croissant and coffee

For those daunted by the sheer volume, La Dorée offers a selection of regular-sized pastries, alongside some intriguing flavour variations. Think Golden Gaytime or strawberry jam croissants – a playful twist on the classic. Perhaps these more manageable options are perfect for a solo visit, accompanied by a regular cup (or two) of their delicious coffee.

Ultimately, La Dorée’s outlandish croissant and coffee combo is a celebration of indulgence. Whether you choose to partake in the giant portion or simply marvel at its creation, it’s a reminder to sometimes embrace a little whimsy and enjoy the simple pleasures in life – perhaps with a cup (or two) of coffee on the side.

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