Josh Niland Opens Luxe Fish Shop In Rose Bay, Charcoal Fish

Eat, Sydney / 15 September 2021

The highly anticipated fish shop by hatted chef Josh Niland has opened its doors in Rose Bay.

The duo behind Saint Peter, Paddington’s very own fish butchery, have opened the doors to their new venture, Charcoal Fish. Pioneering chef Josh Niland and his partner Julie Niland have reimagined the nostalgic fish and chip shop from their childhood to create a luxe new offering never before seen in Sydney. The shop is nestled in the heart of Rose Bay and has finally opened its doors for takeaway after months of delays to due COVID-19.

So what can you expect? Think of Charcoal Fish as a luxury fish and chip shop serving only one type of fish, Aquna Murray Cod from Griffith in NSW. With a chef so diverse in the produce he uses, some have been dumbfounded by the concept. But with everything the man does, he has put a wealth of thought behind it and here’s his explanation.

Murray Cod is a sweet white flesh fish perfect for grilling. The product is able to make the journey from the Aquna Aquaculture farm in Griffith to Rose Bay without any detrimental impact on flavour or freshness. By selecting one type of fish, Niland can ensure he has minimal waste in his kitchen. 92% of each Murry Cod sent to the shop will be used so you can eat your fish and chips with peace of mind.
What’s on the menu? Just like your classic chicken shop has a rotisserie chicken, Charcoal Fish will have a rotisserie of Murray Cod. You’ll be able to pick up a mouthwatering fish and gravy roll, made with the heads, frames and fins of the fish. You can also get BBQ Murray Cod wings served with a fermented tamarind hot sauce, as well as a rotisserie Murray Cod salad with avocado, butter lettuce, charcoal tomatoes and herbs. Trust us, you can make friends with this salad.

For those nights when you don’t feel like cooking, you’ll be able to pick up a butterflied, boneless stuffed Murray Cod to take home. Choose from whole fillet, half, quarter or single, just like you do at your local chicken shop.

The shop is fully licensed so you can pick up bottle cocktails to go with lunch. Matt Whiley and his team behind no waste bar Re have created a special cocktail for the fish shop called the Charcoal Fish Old Fashioned. You can also get the Saint Peter Martini and a yuzu and matcha Margarita, perfect for summer days.

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