Saint Peter Opens New Fish Butchery in Paddington

Eat, Sydney / 23 April 2018

With no ice in sight, Saint Peter’s Fish Butchery is far from your typical fish shop.

Dubbed the Victor Churchill of seafood shops, Saint Peter’s Fish Butchery is causing quite the stir amongst the Eastern Suburbs locals. Doors opened on Tuesday 17th April and at this fish shop, there’s absolutely no ice in sight.
When asked why they don’t keep their seafood on ice at the Fish Butchery, owner and chef Josh Niland remarked that it’s because “ice sucks”. According to Niland, by storing and handling fish in a low-temperature controlled cool room, this extends the shelf life and intensifies the flavour of the fish.
At the Fish Butchery, you’re able to take your pick from a variety of sustainably sourced products, with ‘one of everything’ stored in a clear perspex box in the centre of the shop. Once you’ve decided on what you’d like, your seafood is then cut and prepared to order.
Walk inside and you’ll find a fairly large team busy filleting, slicing and cooking. The new site is used not only to prepare those takeaway items but to also prep for the Saint Peter restaurant, situated just a few shops down on Oxford Street.
fish butchery
Although the majority of your takeaway goods come uncooked, you can still purchase takeaway fish and chips of the day, alongside some DELICIOUS potato scallops and fried school prawns. According to Niland, there are plans to install a small eating area inside the space for patrons looking to eat their fish and chips straight out of the frier. Whilst they wait for their order to cooked, they’ll be able to slurp on freshly shucked oysters.
Not only this, you’ll find a range of Saint Peters branded paraphernalia. There’s everything from Saint Peter t-shirts to housemade jars of preserved lemon and tomato jam. In a tall transparent cabinet is also a range of smoked goods, such as cold smoked mooloolaba albacore plus cold petuna ocean trout.
Fish Butchery 
388 Oxford Street, Paddington
Open Tuesday – Sunday 10am – 6:30pm