Auriga Spa At Five Star Capella Hotel Opens To The Public

Sydney, Travel / 6 December 2023
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Luxury meets serenity at Auriga Spa.

Nestled within the heritage walls of Capella Sydney, the Auriga Spa, once a well-kept secret exclusively for hotel guests has opened its doors to the public, inviting Sydneysiders to indulge in a rejuvenating wellness experience.

Previously reserved for the privileged guests of the five-star Capella Hotel, Auriga Spa has become a haven for those seeking a retreat in the heart of the city. Steeped in Australian charm and history, this spa goes beyond the conventional, offering bespoke treatments and a serene ambience that reflects the distinctive beauty of Sydney.

As you step into Auriga Spa, you’ll be greeted by low-lit, moody corners, white marble accents, and the inviting glow of a 20-meter heated pool—a scene reminiscent of your most tranquil dreams. The spa’s design pays homage to the heritage-listed former Department of Education building that Capella Sydney now proudly calls home.

Auriga Spa Capella Hotel treatment room.

The wellness experiences at Auriga Spa are nothing short of transcendent. From aromatic skincare products by Byron Bay’s Synthesis Organics to heated stones sourced from remote corners of Australia, every detail is carefully curated to celebrate the natural beauty of the land. The spa’s commitment to connecting with the country is evident in its native botanical facials and wellness journeys.

Auriga Spa’s menu of experiences, inspired by the moon and the cycles of nature, offers a diverse range of massages, each promising a scent journey and a connection to your chakras. For a full-body indulgence, immerse yourself in a volcanic mud wrap infused with rainforest-inspired essential oils. The ‘Australian Elemental Facial Academy’ stands out, combining a hot stone massage with a facial enriched with desert stones, precious gems, and botanicals from the land, ocean, and rainforest.

The architects and designers at Make Architects and BAR Studio have artfully blended modern luxury with the historical legacy of the 1930s space, ensuring a seamless fusion of heritage and contemporary comfort.

Whether you’re a wellness enthusiast or simply seeking a peaceful escape, Auriga Spa at Capella Sydney is ready to welcome you for your dream spa day.