Alfie’s Is Now Open: CBD Steakhouse From The Bistecca Crew

Eat, Restaurants, Sydney / 18 October 2023

Alfie’s on Bligh Street is Sydney’s new unpretentious steakhouse, synonymous with good times and a bloody good steak.

Alfie’s, the latest addition to Liquid & Larder’s portfolio, is generating a buzz in Sydney. Known for popular venues like Bistecca, The Gidley, and The Rover, they’ve taken a fresh and exciting approach to the classic steakhouse concept.

Located on Bligh Street in the heart of Sydney CBD, Alfie’s is not your typical steakhouse. It embraces the American steakhouse trend, offering premium cuts at affordable prices, all while adding a dash of swagger and fun to the dining experience. Drawing inspiration from East London’s underbelly, Alfie’s immerses diners in a sensory adventure the moment they walk in. Expect vibrant energy, bold art, and an edgy atmosphere that sets it apart from the crowd.

What makes Alfie’s truly unique is its in-house butchery and aging facility, courtesy of Liquid & Larder. This means you’ll witness the meat preparation right before your eyes, ensuring the highest quality and flavour.

Executive Chef Pip Pratt and Head Chef Matt Thomson have curated an enticing menu. You can savour a 220g Riverine Sirloin, wet and dry-aged on-site for maximum flavour, cooked over the custom-made grill for just $38. The best part? It’s guaranteed to be on your table within 15 minutes of ordering.

And let’s not forget the delightful sides, available in half portions. Options like Risoni, Roast Mushrooms, Potato Gratin, Fire Roasted Baby Carrots, and Hot Chips with chip shop curry sauce perfectly complement your steak.

For those eager to indulge, arrive early for the first-come, first-served “Beefetta” special, Alfie’s take on porchetta, slow-cooked for five hours. And for dessert, Alfie’s offers a unique treat – Gelato On A Stick made of burnt honey gelato, beef fat, and rosemary in collaboration with Ciccione & Sons.

Alfie’s boasts a cracking wine list curated by Group Sommelier Kyle Poole, with a focus on organic and sustainable practices and old-school classics. The hero cocktail, “Alfie’s Martini,” is a must-try. It’s Sydney’s coldest martini, served at -10 degrees, and poured at your table from an insulated bottle. For those who prefer alternatives, there’s a range of cocktails like Whiskey and Apples, Bloody Shiraz Spritz, and the “Fkn Diabolical” margarita, among others.

If you’re looking for a quick bite and a cocktail, Alfie’s bar snacks menu doesn’t disappoint. It features flavourful options like the Hot Chop Spit Roast Beef Butty, Crispy Potato Waffles, and Thyme Scones.

Alfie’s boasts a monochrome bar with a terrace that overlooks Bligh Street. The venue’s design, crafted by Tom Mark Henry, reimagines the traditional steakhouse using inexpensive materials like blueboard, stainless steel, fiberboard, stone, and pebblecrete. To complete the experience, the venue’s playlist takes inspiration from the rebellious identity of UK Grime and hip-hop culture.

Alfie’s on Bligh Street promises an exciting and unique steakhouse experience that is sure to leave a lasting impression. Head to Alfie’s Monday to Saturday from 11:30am – late. Find out more here.