A Foodies Guide to Barangaroo, Sydney


This is the ultimate guide on where to eat at Barangaroo.

The Barangaroo development complex has been a hot topic of conversation for what feels like forever now. But what is it really all about? We went down to check it out and have created the ultimate foodies guide to the Streets of Barangaroo!

Barangaroo is situated at the end of the Darling Harbour wharf. The development is segregated into commercial, residential and retail. Each of these are separately grouped into different complexes, spread across the streets of whole area.


The Streets of Barangaroo covers the food, bar and café areas of Barangaroo. All of which are differently named and tailored to specific occasions and cultural experiences.

The Avenue is the relaxed village-esque area that consists of homemade comfort foods. Pick up a quick coffee, or sit down for a relaxing afternoon sweet at Shortstop Coffee & Donuts or Bourke Street Bakery.


Scotch Row is the contemporary craftsman’s playground. A laneway hiding rustic coffee shops, cafes, and even a personal tailor shop.

Exchange Place is the meeting spot that embodies all the city hustle and bustle. That being said, it makes for the perfect take-away coffee meeting, or a gourmet deli and wine experience. It is the centre of the Streets of Barangaroo and leads to all the previously mentioned areas.


Wulugul Walk is the true foodies playground of Barangaroo and where most of the dining restaurants, bars or take-away delights will be situated. Wulugul Walk consists of 170 metres of outdoor dining overlooking the incredible Sydney harbour. Thirteen restaurants will create a strip of dining along the water, catering for all meals and varieties. This stairway to foodie heaven will be slowly unraveling from late-September to mid-November 2016.

Wulugul Walk is like a walk throughout the world. Lotus will offer modern Chinese, with a seafood twist. Anason is set to deliver a taste of Istanbul, and Born By Tapavino will bring North-Western Spain to Sydney Harbour.



Some local favourites will also be making a reappearance. Keep your eyes peeled for Surry Hills favourite, Muum Maam, with ex-Longrain chef delivering the finest Thai to the Streets of Barangaroo. Homemade Indian cuisine from Harris Park’s Spiced by Billu’s will be arriving, as well as Rozelle favourite, love.fish.


Award winning duo, chef Brent Savage and sommelier Nick Hildebrandt will infuse their expertise in sustainable seafood and complimentary wines with CIRRUS. Husband and wife duo who also own Surry Hills’ Bar H, will bring BANSKII to the Sydney foreshore. Patrons can expect an all-day vermouth bar and bistro infused with Mediterranean flavour.


A 100-seater ‘Zushi’ bar, with waterfront views of Sydney harbour? Yes, please! A sake and a yakitori bar are some of the exciting features on offer. Another Japanese favourite heading to Barangaroo is Ume Burger. Expect queues for these Japanese burgers.


Never forgetting a Sydney-siders love of a cheeky, greasy Western meal, Belles Hot Chicken returns to Barangaroo, no longer as a pop-up store! Any day of the week you can sample one of Belles Hot Chicken or Fish sandwiches, complimented by your favourite beers on tap.


Phomo (we love a good pun), will add some Vietnamese flare with home-style, relaxed dining or takeaway options. The team behind Me Oi, will definitely instil in you some FOMO for pho.

Matt Moran, leading Australian chef and restaurateur, adds some intimate-dining flare to yet another Sydney landmark. His unique Australian food, drinks and hospitality will inhabit a three-level restaurant and rooftop bar, overlooking the sparkling city of Sydney. Opening in 2017.


The development of Barangaroo is bringing a new neighbourhood to Sydney. With Wynyard Walk tunnel now open, The Streets are just a short 6 minute walk from Wynyard train station. The Streets of Barangaroo will be the newest playground for foodies, shopaholics and all Sydney-siders passionate about community.

The Streets of Barangaroo
Barangaroo, Sydney, NSW, 2000

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