Wacky Thanksgiving Dishes

Cool Sh*t / 26 November 2014

This week, Americans worldwide are giving thanks. In a bid to out do one another businesses across the States are going all out to re-invent classic Thanksgiving fare. We’ve picked up on a few weird and wacky ways that our yankee friends are showing their gratitude.

Tofurky & Gravy Soda


Fancy a swig of vegan turkey and gravy soda? Jones Soda Co. is offering a Thankgiving special.

Thanksgivukkah Doughnuts


Manhatten based Zucker Bakery are frying up some spiced pumpkin doughnuts with turkey and gravy filling.

Gravy Cupcakes


Taking cupcakes down the savoury lane is Los-Angles bakery Yummy Cupcakes with Turkey Gravy Cranberry Cupcakes!

Turkey Sushi Roll


Idaho’s Coeur d’Alene resort is putting a fresh spin on Thanksgiving leftovers. The Left-Over Roll is filled with smoked turkey breast, traditional stuffing, dried cranberries, green beans, cream cheese, tempura battered and fried, and served with cranberry wasabi and red wine soy demi-glace.

Thanksgiving Samosas


Bringing the taste of India to the holidays is Los Angeles’s Badmaash. Combining rosemary roasted turkey, turkey gravy, bacon, sweet corn, and water chestnuts inside the short dough crust of a samosa. With cranberry chutney on the side.