The Macbook Air of Pizza Ovens

Eat, Food Recipes / 19 November 2014

Arriving to Australia this week, Uuni is a new generation of wood-fire ovens. Word has it that you can cook wood-fire pizzas in just under three minutes. What is being referred to as the ‘macbook air of pizza ovens’ Uuni is designed to be affordable, quick and portable with a very different and unique design. So you can have it in your backyard ready for afternoon barbies with family and friends or you can take it with you on your camping trip – you decide!


Made in Finland and designed in London, Uuni works by burning small wood pellets which are cheap and efficient. The oven can also be used to cook or bake fish, meat, vegetables, desserts and all sorts of other foods. Forget the axe and the wood, just light up your Uuni and in 10 minutes it is ready to cook. There is also a blog on the Uuni website which tells you all the different recipes that can be done in this wood-fire oven. This includes recipes such as the blackberry and halloumi bites and the salted caramel banana pies. Prices are around $399.
Price: $399