Beyond Wine Tastings: Zensi Retreat’s Luxurious Escape For Groups & Couples

Play, Sydney, Travel / 7 March 2024

Mudgee isn’t just about cellar doors anymore!

For those seeking a weekend escape that transcends the usual wine tour, a new haven has arrived in Mudgee. Zensi Retreat isn’t your average countryside accommodation – it’s a meticulously curated space designed to foster complete relaxation and rejuvenation.

Nestled on sprawling 33 acres amidst the rolling hills of Mudgee, Zensi Retreat offers two distinct experiences. The first caters to groups and couples seeking a luxurious escape, with the option to book either “The House” or “The Villa.”

The House, ideal for groups of up to ten, is a haven for connection. Think spacious living areas perfect for shared meals and laughter, a sparkling swimming pool for lazy afternoons, and an inviting firepit for cozy evenings under the stars. A private sauna and plunge pool add a touch of luxury, while the surrounding landscape provides a serene backdrop for unwinding.

Zensi Retreat Dining

For a more intimate escape, The Villa offers a haven for two. This one-bedroom sanctuary boasts a private pool, fire pit, and a living area that seamlessly blends with the outdoors. Here, tranquillity reigns supreme, allowing couples or solo travellers to truly disconnect and reconnect with themselves amidst the beauty of the countryside.

But Zensi Retreat goes beyond simply luxurious accommodation. The concept, envisioned by founders Ruby Chapman and Ray Tayoun, revolves around creating a space for complete immersion in wellness. This philosophy extends beyond the property’s design, which emphasises natural materials and minimalist aesthetics to minimise distractions, and into curated wellness retreats hosted throughout the year.

Zensi Retreat Room

These retreats, designed with themes like “The Feminine” or “Rest and Slow Down,” offer guests a chance to truly unwind. Imagine two days and two nights filled with nourishing meals, restorative spa treatments, yoga sessions that soothe the mind and body, and workshops that inspire personal growth. All-inclusive pricing allows guests to simply relax and focus on rejuvenation, leaving the details to the Zensi Retreat team.

Whether you crave a luxurious escape with friends or a deeply restorative solo retreat, Zensi Retreat offers a unique proposition in Mudgee. It’s a place to unwind, reconnect with nature, and emerge feeling refreshed and revitalised.

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