Chase Kojima Returns To Sydney With Tokyo Samba, Serving Up A Culinary Fusion Like No Other

Eat, Sydney / 7 May 2024
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Chase Kojima Returns To Sydney With Tokyo Samba, Serving Up A Culinary Fusion Like No Other

Eat, Sydney / 7 May 2024

Renowned chef Chase Kojima is back in Sydney, and this time he’s bringing a taste of Tokyo with a Brazilian twist.

Sydney’s culinary scene is abuzz with the news of Chase Kojima’s return. The renowned Japanese chef, known for his innovative spirit and sharp skills, is set to unveil his latest venture – Tokyo Samba – a unique steakhouse concept opening in Bankstown this winter.

Kojima’s career boasts impressive accolades. He honed his craft under the esteemed Chef Nobu Matsuhisa, playing a pivotal role in opening Nobu restaurants globally. After a brief hiatus, he’s back in Sydney, ready to captivate palates once again.

Tokyo Samba - Sushi From Simulation Senpai

Tokyo Samba promises a captivating fusion of flavours. Diners can expect the high-quality cuts and meticulous preparation synonymous with steakhouses, alongside Kojima’s signature flair for Japanese-inspired dishes. Notably, the menu will be entirely halal, catering to a broader demographic and reflecting the Bankstown community.

Intriguingly, a Brazilian twist infuses the concept. This isn’t just a nod to geographical proximity; Kojima seeks to weave South American influences into his culinary tapestry, creating a truly unique dining experience. He draws inspiration from his time working with Peruvian-Japanese cuisine, hinting at the possibility of incorporating vibrant spices and citrusy notes alongside the smokiness of the grilled meats.

Gone are the days of steak-and-wine pairings. Tokyo Samba embraces a completely alcohol-free beverage program, offering a refreshing alternative for those seeking a different kind of indulgence.

Tokyo Samba - Chirashi From Simulation Senpai

Kojima’s enthusiasm for this new venture is palpable. He speaks of wanting to “challenge himself” with “new dishes,” pushing the boundaries of traditional steakhouses while retaining the essence of what makes them so beloved. Beyond a traditional gravy or mustard accompaniment, the chef’s unique condiments might include a touch of Japanese yuzu kosho for a citrusy kick or a dollop of creamy wasabi mayo for a touch of heat.

The fit-out promises a touch of luxury, a “romantic, nice, sexy steakhouse” environment where guests can relax and savour the thoughtfully curated menu. Think plush seating, warm lighting, and a touch of modern elegance that complements the vibrant flavours on the plate.

While the specifics are still under development, one thing is certain: Chase Kojima’s return to Sydney’s culinary scene promises to be an exciting one. Tokyo Samba, with its innovative concept, focuses on inclusivity, and Kojima’s renowned culinary talent is poised to become a destination restaurant, offering a taste of something truly different. 

Anticipation is building as the opening date in early July approaches, and Sydney’s food enthusiasts eagerly await the chance to experience Kojima’s latest culinary adventure.

Tokyo Samba is slated to open at 2–4 West Terrace, Bankstown, in July 2024.