Penfolds presents THE BLOCKS

Drink, Sydney / 28 March 2012

A unique collaboration between Penfolds and London-based creative agency Studio Toogood, sees Sydney’s last remaining undeveloped wharf building, Pier 2/3 in Walsh Bay, transformed into THE BLOCKS. In a surreal, multi-sensory environment designed to explore wine palates through different senses, the exhibition combines sight, smell and sound in the form of multimodal sculptures created to represent each of the five brackets of Penfolds Bin and Luxury wines.

Trained sommeliers known as ‘noses’ guide guests through the journey through scented totems designed by Faye Toogood and complementary sculptures by Australian artists Steve Fieldsend, Samuel Hodge, Kit Webster, Katherine Huang and Haines & Hinterding. Each set up is inspired by a selection of wine tastes, created to allow the viewer to visualise the often esoteric nature of wine speak, enabling them to explore their palates through new dimensions. Should you be inspired to indulge in a tasting, you may choose to complete your gastronomical experience with a set of corresponding “locally foraged and seasonal” dishes by Magille Estate Resturant’s executive chef Jock Zonfrillo. 

The Blocks

16th March-5th April

Pier 2/3 13 Hickson Road, Walsh Bay

Open Wed-Fri 4pm-11pm and Sat-Sun 1pm-11pm

To reserve visit website.