The Best Booze-Free Drinks To Sip In Dry July

Drink, Drinks Guide, Guide, Sydney / December 4, 2020

Take your pick of the best booze-free drinks on offer this Dry July.

While we love a delicious tipple by the end of the week, sometimes we want to give the booze a break. For those occasions when you want to sip a top-notch drink (minus the booze), check out one of these alcohol-free drink options.

Big Drop

Get your hands on award-winning alcohol-free craft beer this summer from the crew at Big Drop. Crafted in the UK and now available in Oz (stocked at Dan Murphy’s and BWS), expect an epic range of craft brews including pale ales, lagers, IPAs and so much more. Learn more here.

Heaps Normal

Fancy a brew minus the booze? Check out Heaps Normal, the new independent non-alcoholic beer crafted right here in Sydney. The trio of mates (who’ve worked in the beer industry and at some of Australia’s leading craft beer brands) have taken on the challenge of creating a great tasting beer without alcohol.

Not only are they making mindful drinking the ‘new normal’, but they’ve created an epic Quiet XPA that’s full in flavour (without the booze).  Find out more here.

Killjoy Drinks

Looking for a huge selection of booze-free drinks? Look no further than the newly launched online store, Killy Joy Drinks. This online retailer has curated the world’s best non-alcoholic beverages from booze-free wines to indie distilleries and so much more. Find out more and browse their online shop here.


Looking to craft delicious booze-free cocktails this summer? The team from Lyre’s knows a thing or two about the benefits of booze-free drinks. In fact, their range of vegan, non-alcoholic spirits is helping Australians drink their drink, their way. As their name would suggest, their range replicates the taste and aroma of your favourite spirits to create their award-winning range of ultra-low sugar and low-calorie non-alcoholic spirits.

Need some cocktail inspiration? Check out these 3 delicious cocktail recipes using Lyre’s HERE.



Landing in Australia following roaring success across the UK, Seedlip’s ready-to-drink range is here to help you have your best booze-free summer yet.. Perfect for those on-the-go moments such as picnics, group gatherings, and backyard BBQs, these delicious canned drinks taste just like your favourite top-shelf boozy mixers (with zero alcohol). And trust us, these don’t taste anything like a sugary mocktail. Find out more here.

Seadrift Distillery

Meet Sydney’s first non-alcoholic distillery, Seadrift Distillery. Swinging open its doors earlier this month, this new spot has created a unique distillation process that captures the essence of the fresh sea air and local herbs to create a delicious non-alcoholic spirit. Purchase a bottle via Seadrift Distillery’s online store or Dan Murphy’s online.

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